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Can you name the Harry Potter Characters not in the Movies?

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Was bewitched to look like Ron with spattergroit during Book 7
Exposed the DA
Hogwarts Poltergeist
Gives Harry a riddle during the 3rd triwizard task
Voldemort's Mother
Ghost who teaches history of magic at Hogwarts
Convinces her husband to break her son out of Azkaban and put her there instead (Last name is sufficient)
Head of the department of magical games and sports
House elf of Hepzibah Smith
Bowed to Harry in a shop when Harry was a child, likely responsible for a shower of shooting stars in Kent after Voldemort fails to kill Harry as a baby
Accompanies Harry and the Dursleys to the zoo on Dudley's birthday
Ron's owl
House elf of Barty Crouch, fired after the quidditch world cup.
Painting of a knight who briefly takes over for the fat lady in book three
Gurg (leader) of the giant colony visited by Hagrid
Ministry witch who disappears during book 4
Married to Bellatrix
Sister of Bellatrix and Narcissa, shunned for marrying a muggleborn
Child of Bill and Fleur
Younger brother of Colin Creevey
Mother of Snape, initially suspected by Hermione to be the half blood prince
Uncle of Voldemort, sent to Azkaban for cursing voldemorts father and attacking ministry officials
Former Hogwarts headmaster whose painting Hermione takes from Grimmauld place, who eventually leads Snape to the three of them.
Ginny's first boyfriend
Voldemort's father, most likely given a love potion. (Mentioned but never shown)

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