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QUIZ: Can you name the character who had the last line?

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Wait a minute,I'm the leader. I'll say when it's the end. It's the end.The Aristocats
What am I doing? Captain, tell them you never found us, eh? After all, people get lost in the jungle every day! Toodle pip.Tarzan
Nope, I've never seen him before in my life.Bolt
Yes we are!Tangled
Do I have to still sleep in the cupboard?Beauty and the Beast
Oh, father!Peter Pan
Why Jimbo, lad. When have I ever done otherwise?Treasure Planet
He's sure makin' a big fuss over a little old hurt leg.Fox and the Hound
After all, Riley is twelve now. What could happen?Inside Out
Glide and pivot, and glide and pivotFrozen

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