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homolytic fission creates
increased chain length = increased surface contact = increased london forces = increased b_____ P_____
the hydrogen of the hydrogen halide attaches to the carbon attached to the greater number of ____ _____
bond angle in alkane
denote the movement of electron pairs
every successive alkane needs an extra _____ o2 molecules for complete combustion (decimal)
being on the outside of the double bond, the pi electrons are more e______ than the electrons in the sigma bond
general formula of carboxylic acids
functional group in a haloalkane
alkanes are ______ hydrocarbons
tertiary carbocations have _ R groups
in skeletal formula, the end of a line represents a _____
alkenes undergo addition reactions with h_____
shapes of molecules bonded by sigma bonds are 'not r____'
more alkyl groups that are attached to carbocation, the more the _____ is spread out
alkenes undergo rapid ____ reactions with halogens chlorine or bromine at room temperature
more branching= ______ distance between molecules
alkanes are good f_____
sigma bond positioned on a line _____ between the bonding atoms
single covalent bonds are also called ____ bonds
heterolytic fission creates
a family of compounds with similar chemical properties whose successive members differ by addition of ch2 group
involve an atom or group atoms being replaced by a different group
name of third stage of rad. substitution
organisation founded to standardise naming of compounds
each alkyl group donates ________ to the positive charge of carbocation
positive charge of carbocation is spread out by a______ g______
crude oil can be separated via
alkyne suffix
alkane suffix
c-c and c-h bonds are s_____
in skeletal formula, parallel lines denote a
halogen reacting with an alkene in a h_________ reaction
more branching= _____ london forces
type of hydrocarbon (/3)
when two isomeric products are produced from unsymmetrical alkene and hydrogen halide then two products will consist of a major and minor product
carbon atoms joined in branched or unbranched chains
general formula of ketones
carbocation stability is linked to e_____ d______ ability of alkyl groups
alkanes do not easily ____
alkanes are good fuels as they are easily t_____
how many types of chemical formulae?
when oxygen is limited, hydrogen atoms are always oxidised to
_____ are classified by number of alkyl groups attached to +ve carbon
in skeletal formula, any bonds to _____ atoms are hidden
chemical formulae that shows number and type of each element present in molecule
type of hydrocarbon (/3)
remove letter '_' from alkane stem when suffix starts with a vowel
chemical formulae that uses smallest amount of detail necessary to show arrangement.
c-c and c-h bonds are _____ _____
initiation phase involves ______ fission
in a carbocation, more the charge is spread out then the more ______ the carbocation is
atom not labelled in skeletal formula (/2)
chemical formulae that shows whole number ratio of atoms of each element present in compound
alkenes undergo reactions with steam and an acid catalyst in a ______ reaction
in skeletal formula, a line represents a
sigma bonds act as ______ which atoms can rotate freely
fractional distillation separates molecules via
when a covalent bond breaks, one of the bonded atoms takes both electrons.
more branched isomers have ____ boiling points than straight chain isomers
if there's two carbon chains in a hydrocarbon with same length, the parent chain is the chain with most ______
cxhy + (x +y/4) o2 -> y/2h2o +
______ hydrocarbons contain carbon to carbon multiple bonds
london forces act on molecules that are in close s______ c_______
which bond can atoms rotate around
what reacts with an alkene to from a haloalkane
involves removal of smaller molecule from a larger molecule
bromine water turns a saturated hydrocarbon solution
chemical formula that omits hydrogen atoms
more branching = _____ surface area of contact
general formula of alkenes
atom not labelled in skeletal formula (/2)
when oxygen is limited, combustion of carbon may be ________
part of an organic molecule that is largely responsible for molecule's chemical properties
chemical formula that shows relative positioning of all atoms in a molecule and the bonds between them
inadequate oxygen supply due to lack of v______
bromine water should be added ________ to test for unsaturation
different compounds with same molecular formula
in skeletal formula an intersection of two lines is a _______ atom
suffix of a ketone
functional group in a ketone
alkanes are good fuels as they are readily ______
alkanes are good fuels as they combust without forming ____ byproducts
involve two reactants and one product
alkenes react with hydrogen ______ solutions like hydrobromic acid
carbocations are classified by number of _____ groups attached to positive carbon
functional group in a carboxylic acid
name of first stage of rad. substitution
chemical formulae that shows simplest algebraic formula for any member of homologous series
incomplete combustion product (/3)
carbon atoms joined to each other in ring structure
type of hydrocarbon (/3)
tertiary carbocations are the m___ s_____ carbocations
alkyl group denoted by -_
general formula of alkanes
saturated hydrocarbons have _____ bonds only
carbocation stability is linked to electron donating ability of ______ groups
hold liquids and solids together, but once broken the molecules move apart into a gas
structural isomers can have different _____ groups
any compound with a _____ ______ will decolourise bromine water
same molecular formula, different structural formulae
colour change accompanying a positive bromine test. first colour:
as chain length increases, molecules have greater s______ a______
sigma bonds is the result of the overlap of
limitation of synthesis via radical substitution (s_______ a__ d________ p______)
alkene suffix
simplest homologous series
limitation of synthesis via radical substitution (f____ s____)
inadequate oxygen supply due to enclosed s_____
some or all the carbon atoms are found in a benzene ring
temperature of hydrogenation with nickel cataylst (in degrees c)
addition of hydrogen halide to unsymmetrical alkene forms major product via m_____ s______ c_______
primary carbocations are the l____ s______ carbocations
name of -nh2 functional group
suffix of a carboxylic acid
compound containing only hydrogen and carbon
prefix of alicyclic akanes
suffix of an alcohol
when a bonded pair of atoms joined by a single covalent bond , each bond takes one electron
electronegativity of c and h is s_____
alkenes are far more reactive than alkanes as a result of the ___ bond
incomplete combustion product (/3)
functional group in an alcohol
name of second stage of rad. substitutuion
as chain length increases more s_______ c________ is possible
branches get in the way, decreasing the i_____ _____
a major product has a greater ______ than the minor product
as chain length of alkanes increases, ____ _____ increases
hydrogen reacting with alkene is an addition reaction called
structural isomers can have different functional groups like aldehydes and
structural isomers may have the same functional group in different
alkenes undergo addition reaction with hydrogen with which catalyst
how many steps are in propagation?
incomplete combustion product (/3)
chain length and boiling point are related due to _______ forces
synthesis via radical substitution creates a _____ of different substituted compounds
which bond breaks in an alkene addition reaction?
one reactant forms two products in an _______ reaction
substance to test for unsaturation (______ _______)
mechanism of reaction between alkanes and halogens
alkene + hydrogen halide =
functional group in an alkene
shape around each carbon in an alkane
general formula of alcohols
initiation in radical substitution caused by ____ light
when two radicals collide forming a molecule with a paired electron
suffix of an aldehyde
functional group in an aldehyde
branches decrease the number of s_____ p_____ o_ c_____
if alkene is a liquid, the hydrogen halide is ______ through
longest unbranched chain of carbon atoms gives the _____ of the name of the alkane

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