Yr1 chemistry (episode VII)

Defeating consumerism (via a ketamine addiction)

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o2 ------UV------> _O:
product of refluxing an alcohol with a concentrated acid catalyst
usually a cation or molecule containing a partially positive charge
cl. + o3 --> O2 + _____. (propagation step 1)
catalyst of hydration reaction (alkene->alcohol) must be a c_______ a________ catalyst
prefix for a haloalkane containing bromine
polymer flakes are ______ and dried
PVC can be a rigid or f____ polymer
o2 ------UV------> 2_:
a______ p_____ are made from one type of monomer
in the stratosphere, the ozone is continually formed and broken down by action of ____
polymer flakes are washed and d_____
molecular formula of ozone
no. + o3 -> No2. + __ (propagation step 1)
the chemical and thermal processes that can reclaim monomers, gases or oil from waste polymers
prefix for a haloalkane containing iodine
catalyst for alcohol dehydration
PVC is also called
recycling polymers reduces environmental impact because it conserves the f_____ f_____ f_____
cf3br is a
o2 + __ --->O3
no2. + o -> ___ + o2
product of synthesis of haloalkane from alcohol (/3)
atom or group of atoms which is attracted to an electron rich centre and accepts an electron
chemical species that upsets the ozone equilibrium
once sorted, polymers are chopped into ______
alchols react with ____ ____ to form haloalkanes
electrophilic addition s_____ a_______
synthesis of haloalkane from an alcohol is a____ reaction
molecules that undergo addition polymerisation are ______
radiation induced breakdown is called
when recycling pvc, a s_____ is used to dissolve the polymer
polyphenylethene is a good thermal ________
recycled polymers are cut into ______ before being manufactured into new products
alcohol dehydration is an _______ reaction
molecular formula of phosphoric acid
addition reaction has ___ possible products
after photodissociation, they next step is called p______
o2 + O: --->O3
secondary alcohols are oxidised to
alcohol + hydrogen halide -> _______
CFCs form _____ _____ that catalyse the breakdown of the ozone layer
after refluxing a tertiary alcohol with acidified dichromate (VI) what is the colour of the solution?
_______ are rarely found in nature as they are naturally broken down
reactant for synthesis of haloalkane from alcohol (/3)
reaction mechanism for saturating alkenes is called
condition necessary for alcohol dehydration
______ addition can occur between an alkene and a nonpolar molecule
polyethene production via heating a ethene at a high ______
hydrogen chloride gas is c______
products of feedstock recycling resemble c_____ o_____
product of synthesis of haloalkane from alcohol (/3)
many alkene based polymers are (n____ b_____)
PVC can be a flexible or r_____ polymer
when hit by UV, carbon-halogen bonds split via _____ ______
high grade PVC obtained by p____ from solvent
____ based polymers have a serious environmental impact
polymers derived from petroleum or natural gas have a high s____ e_____ v_____
waste polymers are _______ to produce heat
industrial use of hydration reaction to turn ethene into _______
pvc releases which corrosive gas
nitrogen oxide radicals formed from l_____ strikes
single cfc molecule promotes breakdown of how many ozone molecules?
if multiple halogens are present in a haloalkane, they are listed in ______ order
chlorofluorocarbon use (/3) (r_____)
product of alcohol dehydration reaction (/2)
product of alcohol dehydration reaction (/2)
more UV-B increases risk of (/2)
what feature of polymers makes them suitable for storing food or chemicals?
during a hydration reaction, which chemical groups does steam add across the double bond?(/2)
clo. + _ ---> cl. + O2 (propagation step 2)
_____ absorbs most of the biologically damaging UV rays
ptfe stands for
electrophilic addition ends when a negatively charged ion binds to a
in electrophilic addition, pi electrons interact with the electrons of the non polar molecule. _______ them
bioplastics produced from plant s_____
reactant for synthesis of haloalkane from alcohol (/3)
disposal of PVC is hazardous due to the high ____ content
what type of material offers a sustainable alternative to oil based products
chcl3 is a
radical formed by photodissociation is a very reactive i_____
when you react an unsymmetrical alkene with an unsymmetrical compound. how many products are possible?
catalyst for breakdown of ozone (______ ______)
condition for synthesis of haloalkane from alcohol
CFCs are very stable due to which bond (symbolised by Z-Y)
addition polymers have high m______ m______
rate of formation of ozone =
dumping PVC is u______
bioplastics produced from c_____
a carbon-halogen split by UV forms
radicals in ozone depletion act as ______
polymer used pipes
bioplastics produced from plant o_____
during a hydration reaction, which chemical groups does steam add across the double bond?(/2
after refluxing a primary alcohol with acidified dichromate (VI) what is the colour of the solution?
O: + __ ->>>>> O3
o2 ------UV------> 2_
by product of secondary alcohol oxidation
in pvc recycling, the solvent is r______
unsaturated alkene molecules undergo _____ ______ to produce long saturated chains
addition polymers are made from how many types of monomer?
after refluxing a secondary alcohol with acidified dichromate (VI) what is the colour of the solution?
discarded polymers have to be ______ by type
chlorofluorocarbon use (/3) (s___)
compounds used in air conditioning, refrigerants and aerosol propellants
electrophilic addition ends when a carbocation binds to a _____ charged ion
radical formed by lightning strikes
partially ______ charged part of the electrophile bonds with the alkene
prefix for a haloalkane containing chlorine
double bond in an alkene is an area of h____ _____ _____
alkenes and steam react in a ______ reaction
to ensure reaction goes to completion, secondary alcohol is ______ with the oxidising mixture
a compound containing carbon, hydrogen and at least one halogen
molecules that contain at least one halogen atom joined onto a carbon chain
high electron density attracts _______
_____ of ozone allows more UV-B reach the surface
partially _______ charged part of electrophile obtains electrons via h______ ______
not possible to further oxidise ketones using
pi electrons can induce a dipole in n____ ______ molecules
polymer used in nonstick pans
product of synthesis of haloalkane from alcohol (/3)
polymer used in plastic bags
cfcs remain stable until they reach the
concentrated phosphoric acid catalyses h_____ reactions
cf2cl2---->cf2cl. + __
f2ccl2 is a
reactant for synthesis of haloalkane from alcohol (/3)
the biologically damaging UV rays from the sun
extremely large molecules formed from many thousands of repeat units
specific arrangement of atoms in a polymer that repeats over and over (r_____ _____)
chlorofluorocarbon use (/3) (f_____ r______)
washed and dried polymer flakes are then ______
rate ozone is broken down=
polymer used in guttering
prefix for a haloalkane containing fluorine
polystyrene also known as
reaction that removes water from starting material
phenyl group features in which polymer (used in packaging and cups)
ozone layer is the outer layer of the ______
an alkene react with steam to form an _____
more UV-B increases risk of (/2)
high energy UV rays break oxygen down into ______ _______
c2h2cl2 is a
recycling process is undermined if polymers are ______
very little ____ reaches the earth's surface
______ are often used in pesticides

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