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greater the value of Kc, then the greater concentration of ____ __ _____
Third technique in sequence of a compounds physical identification
spread of molecular energies in gases is called the
industrial priority (/3) less p_____
below ____cm^-1 there is the fingerprint region
a homogenous catalyst ______ with the substrate
IR spectra range for C-H bonds
name of aA +bB -> cC + dD (reversible reaction)
remote sensors used to analyse the IR spectra of vehicle ______
catalysts are n____ u____ u____ in a reaction
Second technique in sequence of a compounds physical identification
a catalyst speeds up both directions in a reversible reaction e_____
First technique in sequence of a compounds physical identification
sulfur trioxide catalyst
area under boltzmann distribution curve is the n____ o_ m_______
at a higher temperature, the boltzmann distribution peak is at a h____ _____
ozone depletion is an example of using cl radicals as a ________ catalyst
use of molecular ion peak from a mass spectrum to determine the molecular mass (Mr). Also uses molecular fragments to identify sections of molecule.
pressure of a gas is proportional to its _________
in IR spec, which functional group has several peaks
pressure changes the position of equilibrium. The equilibrium changes in order to r_____ p_____ on the system
decreasing pressure shifts position of equilibrium to side with ___ moles
units of transmittance
use of absorption peaks from IR spectrum- to identify bonds and functional groups present in the molecule
surface area of catalytic converters for h______ catalysis
industrial priority (/3) high e______
delta h is + or - for endothermic reaction
IR spectra absorbance range of alcohols O-H
in an IR spectrometer, the beam of IR radiation is in the range: cm^-1
IR spectra of OH in alcohols can be confused with which other bond (in from x-y)
a catalyst does not affect the p_____ o____ e_______
at the end of a catalysed reaction, the catalyst is
IR spectra absorbance for aldehydes,ketones and carboxylic acids C=O
a catalyst offers an alternative r____ r_____ and lowers Ae
boltzmann distribution changes as a_____ e____ increase
name of device that passes beam of IR radiation through captured breath
a catalyst may provide a_____ on which the reaction can take place
what value is Kc when equilibrium is half way
c6h14->c6h12 + h2
esterification (catalysed by h2so4) is an example of using a ______ catalyst
industrial priority (/3) high a____ e______
if a chemical process requires less energy, then less f______ f______ have to be combusted
a ____ catalyst has the same physical state as the reactants
when more products exist in an equilibrium than reactants Kc is ____ than 1
IR breathalysers detect the characteristic absorbance of bonds present in _____
below 1500cm^-1 exists the _____ region
a catalyst will increase the rate at which an e____ i_ e______
more IR radiation absorbed from the breathalyser then the more ______ in the breath
catalysts of haber process
use of percentage composition data to determine empirical formula
break down of an intermediate _____ the catalyst
p_____ can be identified by their IR spectral fingerprints
a substance that changes the rate of reaction without undergoing permanent change
a heterogenous catalyst reacts with substrate forming an _____
hydrogenation of alkenes catalyst
increasing temperature favours the _______ reaction
y axis of and IR spectra graph
catalyst of ozone depletion (2o3->
increasing the pressure shifts the position of the equilibrium to the side with ____ moles
each dip on an IR spectra graph is called a
IR breathalysers test for ____ of compounds in the breath
an ______ breaks down to give the product and regenerates the catalyst
square brackets infer you are talking about the ____ of a substance
peaks are clearer outside with IR spectra region
catalytic converters have a large s____ ______
a catalyst may react with the reactant(s) to form an ___
delta h is + or - for exothermic reaction
economic advantages outweigh costs of developing a c______
__% of chemicals are produced using a catalyst
IR spectra of carboxylic acid COOH is very _____
catalysts lower the E_____ R______
IR spectra of COOH carboxyl group in carboxylic acids. Range:
when more reactants exist in an equilibrium than products then Kc is ____ than 1
fingerprint region contains ____ peaks to the molecule
which value gives relative proportions of reactants and products in an equilibrium
difficult to predict identity of a _____ ____ from the fingerprint region
making product faster cuts c____
at a higher temperature, the boltzmann distribution peak is _______

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