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volume of gas depends on pressure and _____
the enthalpy change when one mole of a compound is formed from its elements under standard conditions
group 1 elements are called ______ metals
units of volume in ideal gas equation
bond angle of linear molecule (in degrees)
colour of silver iodide
which law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed
standard pressure in Pa
expansion of octet occurs when the _ subshell becomes avaliable for expansion
electron pairs repel so are as far _____ from one another as possible
distance between nucleus and outer electrons
electrostatic attraction between two shared pairs of electrons and nuclei of the bonding atoms
+delta-H refers to an _____ reaction
which diagram shows the relative enthalpies of reactants and products and delta-H
efficiency takes into account yield and also ______ _______
greater atomic radius, the _____ nuclear attraction
the energy required to remove one electron from each atom in one mole of gaseous 1+ ions to form one mole of 2+ ions
bond angle of pyramidal molecule (in degrees)
energy required to remove 1 electron from each (n-1)+ ion in 1 mole of gaseous (n-1)+ ions to form 1mole of N+ ions
degrees celcius to kelvin is a conversion of +x where x=
arrangement of electron pairs minimise _______
physical state of a substance under standard conditions is called the
which law states: if a reaction can take place by two routes and the starting and finishing conditions are the same, the total enthalpy change is the same for each route
name of the inner shell electrons repelling outer shell electrons
lone pairs are ____ to the nucleus than bonded pairs
the enthalpy change that accompanies a reaction in molar quantities shown in chemical equation under standard conditions in standard states
bond enthalpy of O-H is greater/same/less than the bond enthalpy of C-O
a solid wedge shows the bond is on/above/below the plane of the paper
percentage yield=actual yield/y x100 what is y?
chlorine can form ClF,ClF3, ClF5 and ClF_?
lone pairs ______ more strongly than bonded pairs
if an element is produced, the standard enthalpy change of formation accompanying its production will be ___ kJmol-1
force of attraction ______ sharply with distance so atomic radius has a large effect
lone pairs repel bonded pairs ______
bond angle of tetrahedral molecule (in degrees)
group 7 elements are called _______
units of pressure in ideal gas equation
cm^3 to m^3 is x10^x where x=
how many bonded pairs does a double bond constitute?
ideal gas equation assumes n________ s_______
enthalpy changes can only be measured via e_______
H(products) - H(reactants) =
a covalent bond in which the shared pair of electrons has been supplied by only one of the bonded atoms
one reason theoretical yield is not achieved: loss of product via p________
any energy gained by a chemical system is balanced by energy ____ by the surroundings
general ______ in ionisation energy across each period
sulfur can fpr, sf2, sf4 and sf_?
one reason theoretical yield is not achieved: r______ i_____
in an endothermic reaction, the surroundings _____ energy
all acids contain _____
in SF2 how many unpaired electrons are there?
greater the nuclear charge, the ______ attraction between nucleus and outer electrons
a dashed wedge shows the bond exists on/above/below the plane of the paper
enthalpy can/cannot be measured experimentally
standard temperature in K
a large jump in ionisation energy infers a change of ____
when dissolved in water, acids release ___ ions into soluton
bond angle of octahedral molecule (in degrees)
E____ R_____ T______ explains and predicts the shapes of molecules and polyatomic ions
a chemical system is just the r_____ a_____ p_____
enthalpy change when one mole of a substance reacts completely with oxygen under standard conditions with all reactants and products in their standard states
x axis of an enthalpy profile diagram refers to the p_____ o__ t____ r___________
a strong acid releases all its hydrogen atoms into solution and undergoes complete d__________
sharp _____ in ionisation energy between end of one period and start of next
adding aqueous ______ to a silver nitrate helps differentiate between silver halide precipiates.
at same temp. and pressure, equal volumes of different gases contain same number of ______
colour of silver bromide
successive ionisations predict the number of electrons in the ______ shell
phosphorus can form pf3 and pf_ ?
units of temperature in ideal gas equation
measure of how well atoms have been utilised
_______ effect reduces attraction between nucleus and outer electrons
adding aqueous silver nitrate to an aqueous solution of a halide leads to a change in __________
hess' law allows you to calculate enthalpy change _______
silver halide precipitates can look similar in colour, what can you test to distinguish between them?
expansion of the octet only availiable when n=__?
in sf2 how many unpaired electrons are there?
ideal gas equation
colour of silver chloride
atom economy assumes 100% ____
lone pairs take up the same/less/more space as bonded pairs
the energy required to remove one electron from each atom in one mole of gaseous atoms of an element to form one mole of 1+ ions
electron pairs surrounding ______ atoms determine the molecular shape
atom economy= sum of ____ _____ of desired product(s) / sum of ___ _____ of all products x100
if two reactants are used with one in excess, the reactant not in excess will be used up first. this reactant is called the ________ r_______
energy input required to break bonds acts as an energy barrier. known as the:
ideal gas equation assumes e______ c_____
the enthalpy change when an acid and base react to to form one mole of H2O under standard conditions with all reactants and products in standard states
in a dative bond, the pair of electrons used to be a _____ pair of electrons
bond angle of a non-linear molecule (in degrees)
silver halide precipitates differ visually by ________
what measures how easily an atom loses electrons to form positive ions?
ideal gas equation assumes n______ i________ f_______
different ______ of electron pairs result in different shapes
dm^3 to m^3 is x10^x where x=
ideal gas equation assumes random m_____
group 2 elements are called _______ ______ metals
electron repulsion of inner shell electrons is called the _______ effect
solid line represents bond to be on/above/below the plane of the paper
the second ionisation energy can be greater than the first as after one electron is lost, the remaining electron is P_______ C_______ to the nucleus
1s2/2s2/2p1/ is the first element to occupy a p sub shell: called _______
greater n____ c____ the more protons in the nucleus
standard concentration in moldm-3
n=v/vm where the units of vm are:
electrons with largest ionisation energy are the furthest away/closest to the nucleus
how an atom naturally exists with electrons in lowest energy position
one reason theoretical yield is not achieved: s______ r_______
angle that a lone pair decreases the bond angle by in degrees
y axis of an enthalpy profile diagram denotes:
equal vol of gases at rtp have same/different number of moles
the apparatus is part of the surroundings or chemical system
silver halides are _________ in water
volume of gas depends on temperature and _____
volume per mole of gas at stated temperature and pressure
electron lost in first ionisation energy occupies the atom's _______ energy level
bond angle of trigonal planar molecule (in degrees)
a weak acid only ______ dissociates in solution
1s22s22p63s23p64s23d10 what next
-delta-H refers to an _____ reaction
c______ o______ e_______ means in an endothermic reaction, energy is transferred from the surroundings to the system
how many electrons in boron outer shell?
electron lost in first ionisation energy experiences ______ attraction to nucleus

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