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in a mass spectrometer, do lighter or heavier ions deflect more easily?
the metallic bond acts in ____ directions
once the 4s and 3d energy levels are filled, which level has a higher energy?
electron mass relative to proton= 1/x what is x
4s subshell fills and empties ____ the 3d subshell
for an ion of +1, the m/z ratio in mass spec is equal to relative _____ mass
to tell when a hydrated salt has become anhydrous you measure the _____ until it is constant
in the s-block, the highest energy electrons are in the ____ subshell
repeating trends in properties of elements across periods is called p________
reading the periodic table from left to right, elements are ordered by increasing a_____ n_____
an atom's number of neutrons does/does not affect the atom's reactivity?
cations include metal ions and NH4+ called: an _______ ion
haloalkane + sodium hydroxide reaction is refluxed for a good _____
when an ionic compound breaks down (via dissolution/melting) it forms c______ i_______
the periodic table is divided into blocks depending on their h______ e______ subshell
chemical reaction involvig water or an aqueous solution of hydroxide that causes breaking of bond in a molecule
for each period, the s and _ subshells fills the same way
across period 3, the 3s and ___ subshells are filled
in cis-trans isomerism, both carbons must be bonded to t___ ______ groups
mass of isotope relative to 1/12th mass of c-12 isotope
in cahn-ingold-prelog nomencalture, if two atoms are attached to the same carbon in the c=c bond then find the ____ ____ ___ ___________
what type of salt contains water as part of its crystalline structure?
periodic table blocks correspond to the ______ _____ sub shell
relatively strong electrostatic attraction between polar molecules that contain hydrogen covalently bonded to atoms of high electronegativity (with an l.p)
water contained in a crystalline structure is know as the ___ ___ ____
halogens are in which block of the periodic table?
how many groups are in the p block?
an attraction acting solely between electrons and nuclei is described to be l______
transition metals are in which block of the periodic table?
metals are d_______
an ammonium ion is a ______
in the p-block, the highest energy electrons are in the ___ subshell
a covalent bond is l_______
how many hydrogen bonds does each molecule of water form (max)
cahn-ingold-prelog nomenclature use to name ______ compounds that are not cis or trans
to work out the molecular formula, you must first find the empirical formula's ___ and divide the actual compound's molecular mass by this. Then multiply the empirical by it.
weak electrostatic attractions between polar molecules that have polar covalent bonds
in a mass spectrometer, the ions are deflected onto a detector that sends a signal. the larger the signal, the greater the a______
heavier mass isotopes have a different d_______
mass of carbon 12 is exactly equal to 12 ____ _____ units
at room temperature, most ionic compounds are _____ (state-wise)
(percentage abundance of isotope x isotope Mr) *('') / 100 equals what?
mass to charge ratio= x/y what is x?
the metallic bond is independent of s_____
if you heat a hydrated salt and there is a minor colour change, what may have occurred?
there are no m______ c________ c_______ in a solid ionic lattice
hydrogen bonding causes high s_____ t____
you assume when you heat a salt that no further _______ has occurred
alkali metals are in which block of the periodic table?
isotopic mass affects d______
denote a h_____ bond using a dashed line
a non metal ion is an _____
cis isomers have hydrogen atoms of the same _____ of the molecule
if the groups of higher priority are on the same side of the double bond- it is a ___ isomer
different isotopes of same element have same number of:
water molecules form hydrogen bonding and which other intermolecular force?
how many groups are in the d-block?
________ Isomerism describes a special case of E/Z isomerism
electrons are arranged around the nucleus in _______
1dm^3= x cm^3 What is x?
covalent bonding occurs in n______ m________ elemments
name of reaction between haloalkane and nucleophile
positive ions are called _____
in cahn-ingold-prelog nomenclature, the atoms attached to the double bond are given priority based on _____ _____
the electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions.
which axis of a mass spec graph denotes the m/z ratio?
what type of bond, holds cations and anions together in ionic lattices
the strong electrostatic attraction between a shared pair of electrons and the nuclei of bonded atoms
hydrogen bonds can only form with electronegative atoms with a ____ ____ __ _______
1dm^3= x L what is x?
1dm^3 = x ml what is x?
many ionic compounds dissolve in ______ solvents
amount of solute in moles dissolved in 1dm^3 of solution
what is the bond angle about the hydrogen atom involved in the hydrogen bond? (close to ___)
similarity in electron configuration, give electrons in same group a similar c________
a species that donates a pair of electrons
____-ingold-prelog nomenclature
in a mass spec graph. what is the y axis denoting
mass spectrometer records m/z for each isotope so ____ ____ _____ can be measured
nucleophile (/3)
haloalkane + sodium hydroxide is a _____ reaction (speed) when it is not refluxed
no3- is a p______ ion
compound made of ions with large charges, may contain ionic attractions too strong for water to b______ d______ t_______ l_______
negative ions are called ______
in cis-trans isomerism, both carbons in the double bond must be bonded to a ______ atom
ionic compounds have _____ melting and boiling points
hydrogen bonds are found in molecules with a hydrogen atom bonded to an ______ atom
1cm^3 = x ml. What is x?
is the p block in the left/centre/right of the periodic table?
in cahn-ingold-prelog nomenclature: a higher atomic number = _____ priority
giant ionic lattices cannot conduct electricity as the ions c______ m_____ as they are fixed in position
nucleophile (/3)
haloalkanes contain a carbon-____ bond
so4(2-) is a P_______ ion
a covalent bond is an overlap of atomic _______ each containing one electron
in the periodic table, the vertical columns are called _______
metals are malleable and ductile due to the metallic bond being n______ d______
when a hydrated salt is heated, the water's bonds to the structure ____
technique to work out percentage abundance of isotopes in a sample of element
detergents r_____ water surface tension
for atoms of d-block elements, the 4s energy level fills _____
if the groups of higher priority are on different sides of the double bond- it is a ___ isomer
describe the carbon-halogen bond
hydrogen bonds hold water molecules _____ in an open lattice structure
cahn-ingold-_____ nomenclature
a hydrogen bond is a special type of _____ dipole-dipole interaction
chloride ion is an _____
a metal ion is a _____
higher mass isotopes of an element have a higher/same/lower melting point
weighted mean mass of an atom relative to 1/12th the mass of c-12 isotope
cahn-_____-prelog nomenclature
hydrogen bonding is the strongest _______ force
a species that is attracted to an electron deficient compound
an ion attracts ______ in all directions in a giant ionic lattice
mass to charge ratio= x/y what is y?
which n=4 subshell is not filled in period 4?
solubility requires B_____ ______ the lattice so water molecules can surround the ions
solid ionic compounds can conduct electricity when they are dissolved or __________
in a mass spectrometer the ions are accelerated . heavier ions accelerate more _____ than lighter ions
covalent bonding occurs in p________ i_______
no2- is a p_______ ion
hydrogen bonds can only form with _____ atoms
higher mass isotopes have higher/same/lower boiling point
____-_____-_____ nomenclature
heating a hydrated salt yields and ____ salt and water
in a mass spectrometer, the sample is ionised to form _____ ions
weighted mean mass takes into account relative isotopic mass and also ____ _____
nucleophile (/3)
when heating a salt and the mass no longer changes, you can assume all water has been lost and it is now _____
polar molecules breakdown the lattice and s_____ e_____ ion in solution
the horizontal rows of the periodic table are called _____
how many groups are in the s block?
elements in the same group have similar properties and same number of o______ shell electrons
is the d block in the left/centre/right of the periodic table?
across period 2, the 2s subshell fills, followed by the ____ subshell
haloalkanes can be converted to _____s using NaOH
how many sub shells are filled in period 4?
elements in the same group have the same n____ o_____ e______ i______ e_______ s_____s_____
across period 4, the ___ subshell is filled but the highest energy is n=4
metals are m______
the number of the period gives the number of h____ e______ electrons in an elements shell
in a covalent bond the shared pair of electrons are attracted to both ______
melting points for lattices containing ions with greater charges are same/lower/higher
hydrogen bonds in ice form an open t_______ lattice full of holes
water molecules in ice form an o______ l______ s______
when one chemical species is replaced by another chemical species
in a mass spectrometer, the ions are separated by _____ via deflection
trans isomers have hydrogen atoms d______ opposite
1.99x10^-26kg is equal to one ____ ____ unit
a solution of known concentration is called the _____ solution

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