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QUIZ: Can you name the answers for these One Direction questions?

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Where are most of the members from??
Who is from Mullingar? ?
Who is from Cheshire? ?
Who is from Bradford??
Who is from Doncaster??
Who is from Wolverhampton??
What's the name of Louis' pigeon? ?
What's the name of Harry's older sister??
Who's dad recently tried to contact him after not being in his life for years??
'People say we shouldn't be together....' (6 words)?
'Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy, 'till we...' (3 words)?
''Cause you've got that...' (2 words)?
'I want you to...' (2 words)?
What song did Harry audition for on the X Factor??
What song did Louis audition for on the X Factor??
What song did Zayn audition with for the X Factor??
What song did Liam audition with for the X Factor??
What song did Niall audition with for the X Factor??
Liam had auditioned for the X Factor once before 2010, what year did he audition??
What's Louis' girlfriend's name??
What's Zayns' girlfriend's name? ?
'I like girls who eat...' ?
'No! .... protested!'?
'----- could be Harry's dad!'?
'I have a habit of getting ____ all the time. Sorry.'?
'Why did the _____ go to the party? Because he's a fungi!'?
'One Band, One Dream, _____ ______'?
'Vas _______?!'?
'_______ dance, go!'?
Louis' nickname?
Harry's nickname?
Zayn's nickname?
Niall's nickname?
Liam's nickname?
Who does the 1,2,3, Flick! dance? ?
Who does the 'Stop the traffic, let the people through' dance??
Who does the Sprinkler??
How many r's? ?
When was One Direction born? ?

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