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Can you name the Avatar: The Last Airbender Grab Bag?

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Topic 1: Avatar Gang (type 'begin' to begin)
Found in an iceberg
Only waterbender in entire South Pole
Left in charge of the entire South Pole
Sokka doesn't believe he can fly at first
Found at the Southern Air Temple
a.k.a. 'the Blind Bandit' and 'the Runaway'
Released the Avatar from prison in the episode 'The Blue Spirit'
Kissed Sokka in a dress
Topic 2: Enemies (type 'begin again' to begin)
Forgets to wear pants in one of Aang's dreams
Captured the Avatar in the episode 'The Siege of the North, Part 1'
'The Dragon of the West'
Impersonates Suki
This squadron burned down Jet's village
Responsible for starting the war
Orders Ozai to kill his son
Awesome gymnast
This fleet is responsible for the death of Kya
Former student of Jeong Jeong
Her uncle is the warden of the Boiling Rock
Topic 3: Former Avatars and Spirit World characters (type 'begin once again' to begin)
Used to be best friends with Sozin
Defeated Chin the Conqueror
The previous Air Nomad Avatar
Lost the love of his life to Koh
Protects the forest
Has 'foxy' assistants
Died with Avatar Roku
Revealed to Aang the identities of the moon and ocean spirits
Push and pull
Taught Aang energy bending
Topic 4: The Four Nation (type 'begin now' to begin)
Located at the Poles
Almost completely extinct
Started the war
Cites include Omashu and Ba Sing Se
Topic 5: Jet's Gang (type 'begin today' to begin)
Actually is a girl
Does't talk much
A very large man
Rides on his^^^ shoulders
Topic 6: Bendables (type 'yeah begin' to begin)
What does Huu bend?
What do Li and Lo bend?
What does Xin Fu bend?
What did Gyatso bend?
What can be bended by a combination of fire and earth bending?
What two things can be bended by a combination of earth and water? (put in alphabetical order)
Can be bended by an expert Earth bender
Topic 7: The best character in the entire series (type 'finally begin' to begin)
Type his or her name backwards

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