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1st Amendment
abridge freedom of... 
abridge freedom of.. 
abridge freedom of. 
abridge freedom to 
precedents, stare decisis, reactive 
construction (interpret intent), proactive, masses 
USSC Justices
Theories of 1st
case by case 
justify infringement 
privilege, self-government 
Functions of 1st
Case: pamphlets, intermediate protection 
Case: burn draft, intermediate protection 
Case: burn flag, strict protection 
Case: F the draft, strict protection 
Prior Restraint
Case: gag unconstitutional 
Case: presume constitutionality 
Case: Composite Classification 
School Censorship
Case: limit vulgar in public assembly 
Case: censor newspaper if part of curriculum 
Case: college print commercial press 
Case: University can censor 
Case: prohibit pro-drug 
Case: censor online if disrupt 
Fighting Words
Case: restrict utterance if equals injury 
Case: restrict if provoke violence 
Case: restrict if direct tendency provokes violence 
Case: can't restrict symbolic if offensive 
Hate Speech
Case: burn cross 
Case: restrict burn cross if impending violence 
True Threat: targets individual, intends real physical harm, intends fear of _______ 
Clear and Present Danger
Case: draft 
Case: incitement 
Brandenburg Incitement Test: advocate illegal force, incite illegal conduct, conduct imminent, likely produce ____ conduct 
Plaintiff Libel Proof
Plaintiff Libel Proof (Fault)
Case: Public prove actual malice 
Case: test urgency, source probability  
Case: test urgency, source, probability 2 
Case: concept of strict liability ended, need actual malice 
Case: public controversy 
Defense Libel
Privacy Categories
Excuse for news 
Case: 1st statutory law 
Case: 1st common law 
Case: name in public record 
Case: satire 
False Light
Case: picture of child pedestrian hit 
prove actual malice 
Disseminate v Gather
right to speak doesn't = right to gather 
1st /14th doesn't = access to prison 
prison press = public 
Private Property
not 1st access  
police can't bring reporters into private/can do ride-alongs 
Prejudicial Publicity
ABA Canon 35 (confessions, criminal record, witness, suggest guilt) 
no photos in court 
states allow photos 
prohibit tv execution 
prevent jury from being exposed to publicity 
isolate jury in hotel 
Case: clear and present danger = gag 
Case: murder reversed becauseof 'pattern of prejudice' 
Case: deny due process v. change venue 
Case: sheppard acquitted because press pressure readers, Reardon Report 
Case: close pre trial 
Case: open criminal trials 
Case: public attend voir dire 
Case: juvenile sex victim open 
Confidential Sources
Case: reporters have no confidentiality 
Case: promissory estoppel: promise plaintiff and uphold promise required to prevent injustice 
Case: search warrant anywhere crime evidence 
protect private party = jail 
Case: contempt citation stand if order resulting contempt invalid 
protecting things created for utility 
Exclusive Rights 
Exclusive Rights. 
Exclusive Rights.. 
Exclusive Rights... 
Exclusive Rights.... 
Act: extends 20 years, life plus 70; 95 years anything prior to 1978 
Case: upheld Bono, Disney 
Derivative Works
Case: eliminates 'sweat of brow' 
Case: facts not copyright-able, expression is 
Fair Use, Uses
Fair Use, limitations
Fair Use
Case: copying articles into textbooks 
Case: quality not quantity 
Case: Pretty Woman parody protected 
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Case: peer to peer = contributory infringer shut down 
Case: distribute software intent fostering copyright infringement 
Fairness Doctrine
Rule: Concerning candidates 
Case: Upheld Personal Attack 
Case: right of reply law 
Multiple Ownership Rule
Case: deny 45% 
Candidate Access Rule
Case: access requests, refuse substantial program disruption, insufficient notice/# 
Case: 7 dirty words, safe harbor 
Case: fleeting explitives 
can't distribute 
Case: part obscene = all obscene, children standard 
Case: reverse Hicklin 
Case: 1st ruling obscenity not protected by 1st 
Case: memoirs test: prurient, community standards, w/out social value 
Case: current definition of obscenity 
Obscenity Current Definition
Case: not of most sensitive 
Case: not children 
Case: social value on nat 
Case: protects private possession 
Case: change to persecute child, take away market 
Case: exploits  
Porn Acts
Case: CPPA invalid must infolve actual children 
Case: COPA unconstitutional 
indistinguishable from minor 
Case: upheld Protect 
Case: upheld CIPA, blocking software 
Commercial Speech
Case: not protected by 1st  
Case: editorial/political ok 
Case: advertising may be protected by 1st 
Case: commercial protected by 1st 
Case: clearly establish commercial speech in 1st Ammenment 
Case: less protected than non-commercial 
Case: alcohol content labels 
Case: prices of liquor  
meaning of good, right, justice, fairness 
general theories 
problem solving 
Potter Box Principles
universal law 
greatest happiness 
justice w/out social distinctions 
Potter Box Loyalties
moral acts not consequences 
final result 
benefit for both 
Ethics Theories
Hutchins Commission 3 facts
Hutchins Commission Rules

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