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QUIZ: Can you name the Zelda Item described?

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You Use It...AnswerFrom the Game(s)
For breaking very thick iceTP
For super sprintingALttP/ LA/ FS/ FSA/ MC
For taking picturesMM/ WW
For throwing magic fireballsALttP/ LA/ FSA/ MC
For... fishingLA/ OoT/ TP/ PH
For pulling yourself or other itemsLTTP/ LA/ OoT/ MM/ WW/ TP
For heavy liftingLoZ/ LA/ OoT/ OoA/ OoS/ WW/ FSA/ MC
For sinking or wall-walkingOoT/ WW/ TP
For jumpingLA/ OoA/ OoS/ FS/ FSA/ MC
For gliding great distancesWW
For smashing boulders and suchLoZ2/ OoT/ PH
For holding/carrying stuffALttP/ OoT/ MM/ WW/ MC/ TP
For lighting rooms and torchesALttP/ WW/ FSA/ TP
For seeing what's not thereOoT/ MM
For reflectingALttP/ LA/ OoT/ MM/ OoA/ OoS/ WW/ MC
For wind controlWW
For handy attraction and repelOoS/ FS
For the Hero of TimeALttP/ OoT/ OoA/ OoS/ WW/ TP
For far-away attacksLoZ/ ALttP/ LA/ OoT/ MM/ WW/ MC/ TP/ PH/ ST
For playing musicLA/ OoT/ MM/ MC
For small projectilesOoT/ OoS/ FSA/ TP
For shooting fireOoT/ MM/ WW
For diggingALttP/ LA/ OoA/ OoS/ FSA/ MC/PH
For sale or wild runningOoT/ MM
For a protective barrierOoT/ WW/ TP
For crossing lava and Water pitsLoZ
For blowing stuff upLoZ/ ALttP/ LA/ OoT/ MM/ OoA/ OoS/ FS/ WW/ FSA/ MC/ TP/ PH/ ST
For wall ridingTP
For SwimmingALttP/ LA/ OoT/ OoA/ OoS/ MC/ TP
For retrieving or stunningLoZ/ ALttP/ LA/ OoT/ MM/ OoA/ OoS/ FS/ WW/ FSA/ MC/ PH/ ST

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