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First user of the Bisu Build (it's not Bisu :p)
Used scouts to great effect in a famous PvT
Protoss player who was very succesful, but only in the fall.
Unknown player who beat Flash and Jaedong to win a major tournament
Won 27 straight games vs. Zerg
Winner of the Starcraft Broodwar Asia Open
Revolutionized ZvT with his 3 hatch muta style
OSL champion nicknamed 'DDR Terran'
First player to win the Golden Mouse
'The Emperor'
Foreigner who was a practice partner for CJ Entus
Popularized mech vs. Zerg
One of Jaedong's former teammates who famously defeated him in SC2
Old-school Protoss player known for his reaver micro; now StarTale coach
Early Protoss superstar known for his stellar micro and aggressive play
Two-time starleague finalist turned coach
Zerg player who upset Bisu out of ODT multiple times
Known for his phenomenal mutalisk micro and mechanics
Popularized Mutalisk Micro
Zerg player who looks like Jaedong and was his former teammate
'The Ninja Toss' Known for his popularizing Corsair/DT in PvZ
Zerg player known for his love of ultralists and positive attitude
Only foreigner to win a premier Korean tournament
Most successful of the StarCraft -> Poker players
'The Mantoss'
'The Ultimate Weapon'
Won an OSL by escaping TvP, his worst matchup
'The Dreamer'
Famously reverse all-killed Hwaseung OZ.
Got bunker rushed 3 times in a row in Starleague ro4
Creative modern Zerg player noted for his use of queens.
MSL silver medalist known for his hyper-aggressive Zerg play
Early OSL bronze medalist; popularized 2-factory vs Protoss

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