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Who has the power to red every thought you have ever had by touching your hands?
Who has the power of the elements?
Who is Eleazar's mate?
Who are the Cullen's 'cousins' from Alaska
Who was the first person that Bella spoke to on her first day at Forks High School?
What is the name of the town Bella moves to in Twilight?
Who was the woman employed as a secretary for the Volturi?
Who dIed of a heart attack in Twilight
Who was Laurent's mate?
Who made the fake ID's for Renesmee and Jacob in Breaking Dawn
Who was Teaching Bella to Expand her shield onto/ around people in Breaking Dawn?
Who is Siobhan's mate?
What was Edwards sir name before it was Cullen?
Who is the Hybrid from South America who is 150 years old?
What is the name of the Cullens coven?
Who does Bella hit in the face in new moon?
Who imprints on Claire?
Who creates the new born army?
Who was the youngest wolf to join the pack?
Who is Benjamin's mate?
What is the alphas last name?
What is the name of the white haired vampire from the Romainan
What is Angela's last name?
Who is the actor that play's Riley Biers?
What is the last name of Sam's Fiancee
Who is the only vampire from the Amazon coven that has a power?

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