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Hugner Games questions
Member of Katniss's Prep Team
At the beginnig of the MOVIE what appears in the sky while Katniss and Gale are in the woods?
How does the Capitol torture Peeta?
What district is Katniss visiting when the hospital/district gets bombed?
Where did Peeta's mom hit him?
'You love me, real or not real?' '____.'?
Who killed Rue?
Finnick asks Katniss if she wants a... what?
How did Katniss & Prim's father die?
On what continent does Panem lie?
What score did Katniss get in the 74th Hunger Games?
Who sacrificed themselves to the fog for Peeta/Katniss?
What did Peeta give Katniss that kept her family alive?
What about Madge?
Her brother?
Prim's cat's name?
Who killed Cashmere?
Who won the 50th Hunger Games?
What is District 1's industry?
What is Pollux?
Who did Peeta paint in the second evautation?
Katniss's stylist?
Peeta's stylist?
'Deep in the meadow, under the ______.?'
Who hung Seneca Crane in the second evaluation?
Peeta's talent?
Who is the District 12 escort?
How many kids do Katniss and Peeta have?
What does Peeta give Katniss on the beach?
Color of the horses that lead the chariot for the D1 tributes in the 74th Games?
Hugner Games questions
Who is the new head gamemaker?
Who was ORIGINALY reaped for the female tribute in the 74th Hunger Games?
Katniss's favorite color?
____ Coin?
What did he give Katniss after the Reaping?
Member of Katniss's Prep Team
What is Katniss's 'talent'?
What is Prim's full name?
Trainer in District 13?
Becomes president after the rebellion?
What are they called?
Member of Katniss's Prep Team
Peeta always does what to his shoelaces?
Who is his assistant?
How is Messalla killed?
Where is the Capitol?
What is Peeta's favorite color?
Johanna's fear?
Who did Coin want to put in the Hunger Games?
Her goat's?
Johanna's weapon of choice?
District one careers in the 74th Hunger Games?
An Avox has no _____?
His daughter's name?
District 2?
Who led the mission to rescue Peeta?
When is Katniss's birthday?
Song Mrs. Everdeen forbade?
Disctrict 2?
Gloss was killed how?
How many years passes between each of these?
What kills Finnick?
Hugner Games questions
How did Clove die?
Who ate the poisonous berries Peeta accidentaly pick in the first arena?
Name of the Avox girl Katniss saw in the woods?
Mayor ________?
How was Wiress killed?
How did Peeta try to kill Katniss?
What flower gave her hope?
How did Prim die?
How did Katniss kill the Capitol lady in the house?
What did Peeta kick Mitchell into?
Who attempts the flee to District 13 and, apparently, fails?
Color of Katniss's hair?
How did the survivors escape 12 during the bombing?
How was she tortured/killed?
Who plays Haymitch in the movie?
Another name for the 75th Hunger Games?
Who killed Peeta?
Finnick's eyes?
Katniss's favorite food in the Capitol?
What did Katniss tell Prim to do if the sirens went off during school?
12 o'clock - 1 o'clock section in the 75th arena?
By injecting what into him?
Hunger Games interviewer?
Peeta's childhood friend?
Who saved Peeta from the vicious monkeys?
What does Peeta's father buy from Katniss?
His eyes?
Who did Katniss kill instead of Snow?
What is Katniss's surname?
Color of Peeta's hair?
Katniss's best friend?

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