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What Was Their Warrior Name?

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Apprentice NameWarrior nameHint
LeafpawNamed for the sacred place she discovered
SpottedpawThe suffix of this medicine cat's name is a part of a plant
PoppypawThe suffix of her warrior name is something that appears when it's cold in the mornings
BrightpawShe had two warrior names
IvypawShe was named after one of the Erin Hunter's friend's daughter
JaypawThe suffix of his name is in honour of his father, un-beknown to him at the time
MistypawThe suffix of her name is a body part
BrokenpawHe was given his warrior name for a crooked part of his body
BluepawShe was named for her blue-ish pelt
HoneypawThe suffix of her name is a plant
WhitepawThe suffix of her warrior name is to do with birds
BerrypawLuckily for him, his warrior name was not 'Berrystumpytail'
DustpawHe was named for his fur colour
CrowpawHe chose his warrior name in honour of a fallen warrior
SquirrelpawThe suffix of her warrior name is an action
Apprentice NameWarrior nameHint
ScorchpawRaggedstar's brother's suffix of his warrior name was an element
SpiderpawHe was named for his long 'spider-like' limbs
FernpawThe suffix of Fernpaw's warrior name can be found in the sky
StonepawNamed for his stone-coloured pelt
HollypawThe suffix of her warrior name is a part of a plant
Cinderpaw Named for her kindness within
DovepawShe is the reincarnation of an ancient cat, who had a very similar name
SandpawThe suffix of her warrior name is a type of weather
BlackpawNamed for a black part of his body
CrookedpawNamed after a disfigured part of his body
FirepawHe was named for his kind spirit
GreypawHe was named for his pelt markings
CinderpawShe was given her warrior name for the colour of her fur
BumblepawNamed for his markings
LionpawHe was named for his strength, like the strength of a fire

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