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They are dropping science on you, you just need a breather
Oh, I´m so scared with knowing there´s no one or knowing there´s somebody there
Its only human when you are young you are gonna cry
I know I am special but why aren’t you cooking for two?
Hacienda, on a gay night dropping little fellas, to make me feel right
Don’t tell me a story kid you are **** bore me
Anyone fancy Monaco?
So I am that animal and animals will run
Love me lady I am a liar
I love my mum and I love my dad
Don’t believe in clever people clever people drop the bomb
And I don’t feel myself again I thought I would be fixed by now
I have my needs I hope she leaves
Being stupid makes you lots of money
You know its not enough to kiss you in my sleep
if you look so good why don’t you sleep with yourself
How d'you tell a joke, when you can't laugh
I said it feels like being alone on a Christmas day
Down to your joker playing strip poker
When we took a cab back where cabs had somewhere to go
If they wont entertain you then I will do my **** best
Justify what you get paid Can ya Doctors save lives and you get laid don’t ya
We bring news from Jamaica
Don’t call it a comeback look what I invented here
I wanna be a right-on daddy protect my wife and family
I will kill you with kindness if you hurt me again
Won't you stay in our lover's story If you stay you won't be sorry
You rock like a bastard plastered
I just keep dancing Don’t hate me cause I am handsome
I wanna cry but I don’t make a sound
We can make you famous why don’t you join us?
Cause frankly you are a bore and I am not
Got your tits done and moved out the very next day
Little girl on my lap she had just a touch of Jesus
I am what I feel what I am feeling is surreal
I hope you choke on your baccardi and coke
I know why I appall you but I **** your daughter
Didn’t it break your heart maybe I am just too needy
Jokes on me and I don’t wanna laugh
Pretend you like me pretend I like you pretend pretend pretend

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