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Can you name the WARRIOR CATS MATES?

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HintAnswerExtra Hints
Lionblaze's Matereincarnation of a medicine cat
Blossomfall's MateThe patrol guy XD
Nutmeg's Matehe is everyone's father
Tigerheart's Mate has green eyes and moonkitti's opinion is holy
Rainflower's Mate a dappled gray tom with graying whiskers.
Moonflower's Mate a large, sleek, dark blue-gray tom with blue eyes, a broad head and shoulders.
Oakheart's Mateleader of thunderclan in the prophecys begin
Leafpool's Matealso loved feathertail and nightcloud (debatable)
Gray Wing's First Mategot run over by a monster trying to rescue her kits
Squirrelflight's Matearguably the worst Thunderclan Leader in the main arcs
Sandstorm's Matearguably the best Thunderclan leader in the main arcs
tigerstar's Second MateA rouge
Sorreltail's MateCARDBOARD .-.
Goldenflower's Matemain villian in the first arc
Clear Sky's First Matethey didnt actually have kits but some think she was pregnant when she died
Storm's MateGray wing's brother and first leader of skyclan
Willowbreeze's MateMade a promise to Mapleshade and arguably has the best super edition
Sandgorse's Mate thin,soft-furred, black-and-white she-cat,mother to Tallkit
Thistleclaw's MateSnow white cat, got run over by a monster
Crowfeather's First Mateshe was the 'silver cat' and saved the tribe of rushing water from sharptooth
HintAnswerExtra Hints
Squirrelflight's SonAdopts twigkit and violetkit along with needlepaw
Squirrelflight's DaughterTwigbranch's Second Thunderclan Mentor
Leafpool's DaughterTried to kill leafpool with deathberries
Leafpool's Med Cat SonBEST MED CAT EVER. also blind and in a relationship with a stick
Leafpool's Warrior SonCant get hurt in battle
Bluestar's Daughteroldest cat alive. NEEDS TO DIE
Bluestar's Sonmentored stormfur
Silverstream's Daughterone of the 4 cats to get the message from starclan to travel to the sun-drown place
Silverstream's Sonwent with his sister to the sun-drown place
Palebird's Daughterdied as a kit
Palebird's Sonbest friend was Firestar's father
Rainflower's Sonbroke his jaw
Rainflower's other son took a mate from another clan
MIllie's DaughterShe has paralyzed legs
MIllie's DaughterTrained in the dark forest
Millie's SonPervert that loves dovewing
Sandstorm's Med Cat Daughterbreaks the warrior code and medicine cat code
Sandstorm's Warrior Daughtermany of us wanted her to be leader ********STAR Also has one white paw
Hawkwing's DaughterCan't decide what clan she wants to be in
Hawkwing's Daughterwas once part of a evil cult

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