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'Speaking of them you've got them wrapped around your paws'IVYPOOL
'bluestar can you see me now? you cant ignore that i'm more than twice as cloud'SWIFTPAW
'i will not let my days slip away, i will rise up on two feet'BRIARLIGHT
'i've got a paw in one clan while yours are in three'LEAFPOOL
'COME ON you've known all along were not the good guys'HAWKFROST
'I can not take this, i am wearing so thin'TAWNYPELT
'come on leafkit, i've never got out at night before'SQUIRRELKIT
'cause the only one who's not blind here is me'JAYPAW
'thunder, River, Shadow, wind and sky, they don't deserve to live they all deserve to die'MAPLESHADE
'am i the punishment for love not allowed?'HOLLYLEAF
'must die for you to survive, my brother'FEATHERTAIL
'that your faith and heart have guided you'BLUESTAR
'Drawn apart for so long'MOTHWING
while your off in the stars, i'm nursing battle scars'NIGHTCLOUD
'even get a chance to tip your fedora'CROWFEATHER
'split and splat are the perfect names for your bastard brats'MILLIE
'you sit and weave your lies like a fox trots through the night'MOTHWING
'i got ten bitch, go on and live up to that'CINDERPELT
'all i need is a heartbeat, just a breath and i'm through'SOL
'if it's lying you perfer i can always go ahead and ask ashfur'BRAMBLESTAR
'i felt dizzy in her gaze, she brought me warmth and new light'ASHFUR
'but that's nothing in comparison to my grand plan'MAPLESHADE
'much less a mother'SPIDERLEG
'i love him, i hate him, i can't decide!'HOLLYLEAF
'your in a relationship with a stick'YELLOWFANG
'and her mutha f*** JAYBAE'HALFMOON
'step down from your pedestal sir' BREEZEPELT
'cause you were in her way to rise to fame'WHITESTORM
'part time i be slaying dogs and the other i just slay this beat'SWIFTPAW
'he sure may be hot but hes not good with common sense'OAKHEART

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