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Can you name the orchestral pieces based on the special effects they contain?

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three orchestral groups placed in a horseshoe shapeKarlheinz Stockhausen
the prelude of this opera is played on car hornsGy├Ârgy Ligeti
off-stage snare drum improvisationCarl Nielsen
in the finale of this symphony a large wooden hammer drops twiceGustav Mahler
choir and two pianos, but no violinsIgor Stravinsky
four thundersheets, two electric guitars and two pianosHelmut Lachenmann
woodwinds, brass and metal percussion onlyOlivier Messiaen
apart from a violinist, this violin concerto also features a bass-baritoneHans Werner Henze
this concerto opens with a whiplashMaurice Ravel
solo trumpet, vibraphone and stringsHarrison Birtwistle
in the final movement of this piece, almost all choir and orchestra members ring small bellsGiacinto Scelsi
two double basses sustain a low b-flat for the entire duration of this pieceGeorge Crumb

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