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Can you name the missing words in these Tom Lehrer songs?

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linesong name
I say a bygone should be a bygone, let's make peace the way we did in Stanleyville and ________MLF Lullaby
Is he sad, is he cross, is he _________ ____What Ever Became of Hubert
I've never quibbled, if it was ______Smut
Everybody say his own ____ ______Vatican Rag
Base eight is just like base ten really, if you're _______ ___ ________New Math
So every year I pack my gear and come out here till _____Hanukkah in Santa Monica
Two _____ _______, seven hunters and a cowThe Hunting Song
I'm writing ___ ___ __ __ ____, and she only wants to make loveBallad of Alma
Eqypt wants to get one too, just to use on ___ ____ __Who's Next
____ _____ and Sheriff Clark are dancing cheek to cheekNational Brotherhood Week
linesong name
Once the rockets go up, who cares _____ ____ ____ ____Wernher von Braun
Then you can breath 'long as you don't ______Pollution
Her mother died with her spoon in her hand and her face in a _______ ___An Irish Ballad
Index I copy from old Vladivostok ________ __________Lobachevsky
And it don't matter if you put a couple _____ _________ into a lineThe Folk Song Army
Remember, mommy, I'm off to get a ______So Long, Mom
The next day he saluted a ____ ______ __, an usher, and a nunIt Makes a Fellow Proud to Be a Soldier
When the air becomes uranious, we will all go ____________We Will All Go Together When We Go
His name appears in ______ ______ 'cause he loved his motherOedipus Rex
Angels we have heard on high, tell us to __ ___ ___ ___A Christmas Carol

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