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linemissing lyric
The Marines have landed on the shores of ____ _______
Sarge, I'm only eighteen, got a ________ ______
We're busy reading Playboy and the ______ ___ ____ _____
And it's ________ __ _____ wrote the dustbowl baladeer
And here's to the judges of ___________
Sit by my side, come as close as the air, share in a ______ __ ____
For I stole California from the _______ ____
With their knock on the door, knock on the door, here they come to ____ ___ ____
linemissing lyric
His name was ______ _____ and he walked his road alone
Have whiter teeth, have cleaner breath, when you're ______ _______ _____
And you're supporting Chaing Kai-Shek while I'm __________ ___
Her power shall rest on the _______ __ ___ _______, her glory shall rest on us all
Don't be ashamed, light the flame, ___ ____ ______
What's that I hear now ringing in my ears, I've _____ ____ _____ _____
My pen won't pour out a lyric line when I'm gone, so I guess I'll ____ __ __ __ _____ ___ _____

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