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Can you name the Robot Wars UK OotA's (Out of the Arena's)?

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Series 3Firestorm
Series 4Indefatigable
Series 4The Creature
Series 4Tornado
Extreme 1Stinger
Extreme 1The Spider
Extreme 1Behemoth
Extreme 1Stinger
Extreme 1Napalm 2
Extreme 1Napalm 2
Extreme 1Pants
Series 5The Steel Avenger
Series 5S.M.I.D.S.Y.
Series 5Guzunderbot
Series 5Ruf Ruf Dougal
Series 5Reactor 2
Series 5Evolution
Series 5Wolverine
Series 5Axe-Awe
Series 5Tip-Top
Series 5Splinter
Series 6Brutus Maximus
Series 6Tetanus 2
Series 6Iron-Awe 2
Series 6Mighty Mouse
Series 6Chaos 2
Series 6S3
Extreme 2Dynamite
Extreme 2S3
Extreme 2Pussycat
Extreme 2Hypno-Disc
Extreme 2Sir Chromalot
Extreme 2Vader
Extreme 2Iron-Awe 2
Extreme 2Weld-Dor 3
Extreme 2Bondi-Titch
Extreme 2Saw Point
Extreme 2Gi-Ant-Oh
Series 7Shell Shock
Series 7Vader
Series 7G2
Series 7Hassocks Hog 2
Series 7Scorpion
Series 7IG-88
Series 7Hydra
Series 713 Black
Series 7Major Tom 3
Series 7Diabolus
Series 7Constrictor
Series 7Killer Carrot 2
Series 7Tsunami
Series 7Ceros
Series 7Terror Turtle
Series 7Hellbent
Series 7S.M.I.D.S.Y.
Series 7The Scrapper
Series 7The Steel Avenger
Series 7Mobot
Series 7Corkscrew Two
Series 7Crushtacean
Series 7Chip
Series 7Spawn Again
Series 7Bigger Brother
Series 7Reptirron The Second
Series 7Ripper
Series 7Rampage 2
Series 7Dantomkia
Series 7Mute
Series 7M2
Series 7Behemoth
Series 7King B Powerworks
Series 7Panic Attack
Series 8Terror Turtle
Series 8King B Remix
Series 8Storm 2
Series 8Thor
Series 8Soldier Ant
Series 9Nuts 2
Series 9Behemoth
Series 9Cherub
Series 9PP3D
Series 9Cherub
Series 9Coyote
Series 10Rubber Duck (The Swarm)
Series 10Sabretooth
Series 10Skye (The Swarm)
Series 10Aftershock
Series 10Crackers (Crackers n Smash)
Series 10Smash (Crackers n Smash)
Series 10Smash (Crackers n Smash)
Series 10Track-Tion
Series 10Track-Tion
Series 10Terrorhurtz

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You probably don't have enough words to sing along.
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