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Can you name the answers to 20 categories (counting down from 20) in 20 minutes?

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20 most mentioned people in the Bible
19 World Cup Hosts
18 Lakers players in the Hall of Fame
17 Movies to gross over $1B
16 Most Visited Websites of 2012
15 Former Soviet Republics
14 opening words to 'Hey Jude'
13 artists with at least 9 US #1 singles
12 US Presidents after World War II
11 American Football Offensive Positions
10 Three letter body parts
9 most populous metros
8 MLB players with 600+ Home Runs
7 deadly sins
6 Noble Gases
5 Members of the Simpsons Family
4 classical elements
3 Generation 1 Pokemon Starters
2 Countries totally inside Italy
1 thing Iverson is talking about here

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