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DescriptionGeographic FeatureAnimals
River in South AmericaCrocodile, Goose, Piranha
Peninsula in EuropeLynx, Ribbed Newt, Rock Lizard
Peninsula or Archipelago in AsiaArgus, Chevrotain, Tapir
Rainforest or River in AfricaClawless Otter, Martin, Peafowl
Mountains in South AmericaBear, Condor, Goose, TInamou
Mountains in AsiaMonal, Tahr
Island in OceaniaDevil, Funnelweb Spider, Rat Kangaroo
Region of AfricaBuffalo, Fur Seal, Pangolin, Porcupine
DescriptionGeographic FeatureAnimals
Region of South AmericaChachalaca, Horned Frog, Peccary
Island in AsiaOrangutan, Rhinoceros, Tiger
River in AfricaCrocodile, Lechwe, Perch
River in South AmericaRiver Dolphin, Tree Boa
Regon of AsiaCamel, Wapiti
Mountains in North AmericaBighorn Sheep, Goat
Peninsula in AsiaBustard, Gazelle, Oryx

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