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#point totals accurate as of 10/3/2018----- *indicates players who are still active(on a roster)
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Primary TeamPlayerTotal Points Scored
Cleveland Cavaliers6,911*
Chicago Bulls5,987
Los Angeles Lakers5,762
Los Angeles Lakers5,640
Los Angeles Lakers5,250
San Antonio Spurs5,172
Utah Jazz4,761
Los Angeles Lakers4,457
San Antonio Spurs4,045*
Miami Heat3,954*
Boston Celtics3,897
Boston Celtics3,776
Houston Rockets3,755
Los Angeles Lakers3,701
Dallas Mavericks3,663*
Oklahoma City Thunder3,656*
Chicago Bulls3,642
Los Angeles Lakers3,623
Los Angeles Lakers3,607
Boston Celtics3,182
Boston Celtics3,180
Boston Celtics3,116
Philadelphia 76ers3,088
San Antonio Spurs3,054
Los Angeles Lakers3,022
Indiana Pacers2,972
Portland Trailblazers2,963
Boston Celtics2,909
Phoenix Suns2,833
Boston Celtics2,820
New York Knicks2,813
Boston Celtics2,749
Boston Celtics2,673
Boston Celtics2,601
Detroit Pistons2,571
Detroit Pistons2,526
Los Angeles Lakers2,451
Utah Jazz2,436
Detroit Pistons2,384
Oklahoma City Thunder2,375*
Golden State Warriors2,348*
Houston Rockets2,306*
Detroit Pistons2,261
St. Louis Hawks2,240
San Antonio Spurs2,221
Washington Bullets2,194
Seattle Supersonics2,155
Los Angeles Lakers2,146
Philadelphia 76ers2,111
Los Angeles Lakers2,098*
Primary TeamPlayerTotal Points Scored
Utah Jazz2,092
Houston Rockets2,077
Phoenix Suns2,072
Boston Celtics2,058
New Jersey Nets2,043
Phoenix Suns2,026
Boston Celtics2,018
Milwaukee Bucks1,967
Los Angeles Clippers1,946*
Houston Rockets1,939
Golden State Warriors1,937*
Seattle Supersonics1,929
New York Knicks1,927
Philadelphia 76ers1,916
Philadelphia 76ers1,910
Cincinnati Royals1,910
Chicago Bulls1,907
Boston Celtics1,902
Syracuse Nationals1,887
Philadelphia 76ers1,876
Seattle Supersonics1,861
St. Louis Hawks1,834
Golden State Warriors1,833
Portland Trailblazers1,828
Atlanta Hawks1,828
Los Angeles Lakers1,820
Denver Nuggets1,764*
Detroit Pistons1,752
Dallas Mavericks1,750
Orlando Magic1,749*
Dallas Mavericks1,747
Boston Celtics1,720
Los Angeles Lakers1,718
Boston Celtics1,684
Minneapolis Lakers1,680
Milwaukee Bucks1,664
Phoenix Suns1,662
Denver Nuggets1,661
Milwaukee Bucks1,656
Detroit Pistons1,602
New Jersey Nets1,593*
San Antonio Spurs1,592
Los Angeles Lakers1,581
Boston Celtics1,577
Detroit Pistons1,558
Portland Trailblazers1,557
New York Knicks1,550
New York Knicks1,539
Indiana Pacers1,537
New York Knicks1,536

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