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#totals accurate as of 07/08/2018----- *Denotes active player----- Primary team listed is the team the player had the hits while playing for.
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Primary TeamPlayerTotal Hits
Cincinnati Reds4,256
Detroit Tigers4,191
Milwaukee Braves3,771
St. Louis Cardinals3,630
Cleveland Indians3,515
New York Yankees3,465
Pittsburgh Pirates3,430
Boston Red Sox3,419
Milwaukee Brewers3,319
Chicago White Sox3,314
San Francisco Giants3,283
Baltimore Orioles3,255
Cleveland Naps3,243
Baltimore Orioles3,184
Kansas City Royals3,154
Pittsburgh Pirates3,152
Milwaukee Brewers3,142
San Diego Padres3,141
New York Yankees3,115
New York Yankees3,110
Texas Rangers3,109*
Seattle Mariners3,089*
Houston Astros3,060
Oakland Athletics3,055
Minnesota Twins3,053
St. Louis Cardinals3,049*
St. Louis Cardinals3,023
Texas Rangers3,020
Chicago Colts3,011
Boston Red Sox3,010
Detroit Tigers3,007
Pittsburgh Pirates3,000
Washington Senators2,987
Detroit Tigers2,961
Cincinnati Reds2,943
San Francisco Giants2,935
Pittsburgh Pirates2,934
Baltimore Orioles2,932
St. Louis Cardinals2,930
Philadelphia Athletics2,927
Brooklyn Robins2,884
St. Louis Cardinals2,880
Cleveland Indians2,877
New York Giants2,876
New York Yankees2,873
Chicago White Sox2,866
Cleveland Spiders2,850
Baltimore Orioles2,848
Texas Rangers2,844
Detroit Tigers2,839
Primary TeamPlayerTotal Hits
St. Louis Browns2,812
Seattle Mariners2,781
Montreal Expos2,774
Kansas City Royals2,769
Cincinnati Reds2,757
Chicago White Sox2,749
Pittsburgh Pirates2,743
Washington Senators2,735
Cincinnati Reds2,732
Atlanta Braves2,726
Kansas City Royals2,725
Toronto Blue Jays2,724
New York Yankees2,721
Houston Astros2,716
Chicago Cubs2,715
Pittsburgh Pirates2,712
Chicago Cubs2,711
Philadelphia Athletics2,705
Los Angeles Dodgers2,689
Pittsburgh Pirates2,678
Chicago White Sox2,677
Detroit Tigers2,676*
Pittsburgh Pirates2,665
New York Giants2,665
Chicago White Sox2,663
Detroit Tigers2,660
Boston Red Sox2,654
Philadelphia Athletics2,651
Philadelphia Athletics2,646
New York Giants2,639
Boston Braves2,605
Montreal Expos2,605
Los Angeles Dodgers2,599
Philadelphia Phillies2,597
Arizona Diamondbacks2,591
Montreal Expos2,590
Cleveland Indians2,586
Oakland Athletics2,584
Chicago Cubs2,583
Philadelphia Phillies2,574
Boston Red Sox2,574
Los Angeles Dodgers2,561
Arizona Diamondbacks2,548
New York Giants2,544
Anaheim Angels2,529
Washington Senators2,524
Colorado Rockies2,519
Cincinnati Reds2,517
Texas Rangers2,514
Chicago Colts2,513

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