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Which main character was not in the Clash of Titans arc battle?
Which Character indirectly caused Levi to injure his ankle?
Which character nearly died in two consecutive arcs?
Who is Erwin's successor as commander?
Who sacrificed themselves for Hanji/Hange?
Who's sleeping position did the 104th training corps make a game of to predict the weather?
Who is the only remaining titan trio shifter alive
Which character did Eren dislike initially for their personality?
Which member of the scouting legion originally comes from Ragako which was destroyed by the beast Titan?
After Hanji took them in for questioning which character was killed by the military police?
Who was ashamed of her origins so put on a accent?
Which main character bit into armored titan serum?
Who was almost sexually assaulted whilst disguised as Historia?
Which character first met Grisha Jaeger?
Which character performed illegal experiments on their son?
Who became the first titan after a deal with the Devil?
Who took Marco's gear?
Who was the first character to be killed by the beast titan?
Who is Hajime Isayama's favourite charater?
Who's last name is Brzenska?
Which character hit Jean over the head to protect a fellow member of the military police?
Which recruit has the right side of his face blown off during a suicide charge against the Beast Titan
Who was the first of the 104th squad to discover the identities of the Female, colossal and armoured titans?
Who is the beast titan?
Which character was mistaken for Ymir by a mindless titan?

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