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Ninja of the Red Ribbon Army
Goku met her chasing General Blue
He will eat anything, human, alien, monster etc.
Turles's minion
He looks like Frankinstien
The Huge Blue Super what?
He is sliced by Trunk's sword
The smallest of the Androids
More powerful than 17 and 18
Absorbed by Cell
Krillin falls in love with her
Body guard of Dr. Gero
Created the Androids
Gohan kills him after his father sacrificed himself
Lord Slug's minion
Bardock's Teammate
Guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divisions
Bojack's minion
Ate the Fruit of the Earth
Best friend of Arale
He's BLACK and fought Goku
Master Roshi's Sister
A Tuffle who fought Goku as Vegeta
Uses magic to control people of evil hearts
Created Majin Buu
One of General Rilldo's Top Mercenary
Very smelly very gross fighter in the World Tournament
Goku's Father
Lives on Kame Island
Bojack's Minion
He was sealed in King Kai's planet before Goku blew it up
The Legendary Super Saiyan
The Clone of Broly
The Darkside of Shenron
The feminine General of the Red Ribbon Army
His armor is a juke box
Guardian of Korin's Sanctuary
Bardock's teammate
A Gangster Rabbit
He lives with King Kai
Bojack's Minion
Sister of Trunks
Goku's first aquaintance
Leader of the children in the Stealth Ship
Member of the Ginyu Force
The most powerful villian Goku fights
He was a CHICKEN when he saw Goku fight in the World Tournament
The first to achieve Super Saiyan
He killed Bojack and Cell
The Prince of all Saiyans
The King of all Saiyans
Captain of the Ginyu Force
Captain of the Red Ribbon Army
Captain of the Red Ribbon Army
Cardnial of Lord Luud
Garlic Junior's Minion
Goku fougnt him in the Other World Tournament
Bardock's Teammate
Minion's of Cell
He was a King of Kung Fu before Piccolo killedhim
The weakest Z fighter
Wife of Goku, Mother of Gohan and Goten
One of the Evil Shadow Dragons
Was going to sacrifice herself to the monster attacking her village
Trunks kills him before Goku arrives on Earth
Commander of the Red Ribbon Army
The brother of Frieza
Master Roshi's Nemisis
One of Frieza's top henchman who Vegeta killed
A spawn of King Piccolo
The King of all Demons
North South East and West Kai are ruled by him
He was one of the Supreme Kai's before Buu absorbed him
Turles's Minion
The dragon that appeared after the Dragon Balls cracked
A Namek healer who later became the Guardian of Earth
One of Baba's Fighters
Frieza's Right Hand Man killed by Vegeta
Turned Pan into a Doll
Unmasks Zuunama
A Corrupt King of one of the Worlds Goku Pan and Trunks travel to, to find the Dragon Balls
His Armor is a Juke Box
Cooler's Minion
CEO of Casule Corps
Helped Goku with Android 8
Dr Willows Android Assistant
Created Bebi
Son of Bora
Spawn of King Piccolo
A Kai
A Powerful Kai
One of the Shadow Dragons
The Oldest Kai
Babidi's Minion
Goku's Nemesis in Dragon Ball
He permits Goku to run Snake Way to reach King Kai
One of Gohan's classmates in High school
Master Roshi's crush when he was younger
Goku + Vegeta + Potara Earings= ?
Father of Garlic Junior
Uses the Makyo Star to fight the Z Fighters
The top General of Dr Myuu
General of the Red Ribbon Army
Great Grandson of Vegeta
Garlic Junior's Minion
A Huge Dinosaur who fought Goku in the World Tournament
A little robot who Pan befriends on the journey across the Galaxy
Goku + Vegeta + Fusion Dance= ?
Bojack's Minion
Goku's Great Grandson
Trunk's Best Friend
Trunks + Goten + Fusion Dance= ?
Goku's Grandpa
The Super Hero who is actually Gohan
Lives with King Kai
Member of the Ginyu Force
Eldest most wisest Namek
Lord Slug's Scientist whom he later killed
Father of Chi-Chi
One of the Shadow Dragons
Earth's Greatest Fighter/Hero
The monster that Tapion sealed away
Gohan's dragon friend
Priest who tries to release Hildegran
Trunk's beats him in the World Tournament
The most powerful Shadow Dragon
A Kai
Master Roshi's disguise when he fights Goku in the World Tournament
Pikkon Vegeta and Goku fight him in Other World
Member of the Ginyu Force
Fights Android 18 in the World Tournament
Turles's Minion
The Turtle Hermit
Piccolo's other half
One of Mr. Satan's Pupil
The Supreme Kai's Body Guard
Kibito + Supreme Kai + Potara Earing= ?
The Right hand man of Frieza whose transformation is more powerful than Vegeta
Destroys the Saiyan Race
Evil King of Planet Arlia
His Planet is at the end of Snake Way
Emperor Pilaf's Minion
A thief who only steals to survive treats Goku like a king after Goku saved his Life
The grower of Senzu Beans
Goku's Best Friend
Her personality changes whe she sneezes
The Body Guard of Don Kee who fights Goku
Zuunami's Betrothed
Queen of Planet Arlia
Daughter of Hercule and wife of Gohan
A Super Namek who came to Earth to restore his youth with the Dragon Balls
One of the Z Fighters who is one of Goku's Best Friend
The idol of a Cult.
Emperor Pilaf's Minion
The Reincarnation of Buu
Garlic Junior's Minion
Daughter of 18 and Krillin
Master Roshi's Master
Crane Hermit's Brother
Fighter of the World Tournament that Trunks and Goten knock out
Tapion's Brother
The leader of the Nameks after Guru dies
Care taker of Kami and later Dende
Mother of Bulma
the High Priest of Luud
His Whiskers vibrate when there is an Earthquake
Garlic Junior's Minion
Guru's guardian and later fuses with Piccolo
He entered the World Tournament to win the prize money to help his people
Vegeta's 2nd who dominates the Z Fighters until Goku shows up
General Rilldo's top Mercenary
One of the Shadow Dragons
One of the Shadow Dragons
A strong fighter from the Other World who befriends goku
A Shapeshifter who becomes friends with Goku in his journey for the Dragon Balls
Goku's Granddaughter
Bardock's teammate
The Mystical Dragon
Broly's Father
A Spawn of King Piccolo
Goku's Nemesis but later becomes Goku's best friend
Master Roshi and Crane Hermit fought him
A powerful Fighter from Other World who Goku defeats in the Tournament
One of Hercule's Pupils
Chiaotzu's best friend
The Namek Dragon
She lives on Snake Way
Yamcha's best friend and companion
One of Babidi's Minion
Goku's Brother
One of the Shadow Dragon
Turles's Minion
Turles's Minion
Member of the Ginyu Force
Garlic Junior's Minion
Cooler's right hand man
His amor is a juke box
Nappa and Vegeta's Minions
The son of Vegeta
He sealed away Hildegran

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