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Can you name the Monster Hunter monsters?

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descriptionmonstergame(s) it is in
A giant electric turd of many colorsMonster Hunter Freedom 2 and Unite
A farting pink apeMonster Hunter Freedom 2 and Unite
A large and fast monster that coats itself in mud to defend itself against weaponsMonster Hunter Tri
A large electric leviathan of waterMonster Hunter Tri
'King of the Skies'All Monster Hunter games
'Queen of the Skies'All Monster Hunter games
Massive Elder dragon; The fort map was built to fend it offMonster Hunter Freedom 2 and Unite
Leader of the Baggis; can spit a liquid that causes anything it hits to fall asleepMonster Hunter Tri
An elder dragon that resembles and electric unicornMonster Hunter Freedom 2 and Unite
A monster resembling an angler fish; can suck up large amounts of water, and has spikes that cause temporary paralysis

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