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Forced Order
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Boy Triplet met at Prufrock Prep.
The banker's sister
Brother of the orphan's third guardian's brother-in-law
Hosts a cocktail party at the Hotel Denouement
He was holding the flashlight when he brought a meal to the orphan
Has a fortune telling tent
Afraid of realtors
Found a salad spinner in storm scavenging
The only ambidextrous person in this series besides the Secret Denouement Brother
Found the Incredibly Deadly Viper
Teacher that always has a banana
Puts fake island clay on his feet
Tried to blackmail an old man
Lost Triplet
The contortionist
Sister of the man who found the Baudelaire's boat.
Orphan Researcher
The orphans' third guardian's husband
Killed by 'Detective Dupin' in The V.F.D
Has a baby in 'The End' and has 2 brothers
Good Denouement Brother
May be of Welsh descent
Has many disguises
While he was storm scavenging, he found the Baudelaire's boat
Old Man with tiny glasses
Bad Denouement Brother
Son of the banker that comes last in alphabetical order.
The orphans' third guardian's brother-in-law
News reporter for the Daily Punctilio
The partner of the man who has smoke
Orphan Cooker & Biter
Sister of the man who did screenplay for Zombies in the Snow
Loves the Metric System
Triplet Poet
Secret Denouement Brother
The hook-handed man's sister
Man who lives at a penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue
Mother of the Snicket Family
Always has a cloud of smoke
Did Screenplay for Zombies in the Snow and was killed by 'Stephano'
Always has a cough
Father Baudelaire
The Incredibly Deadly Viper's nickname
On the run
Son of the banker that comes first in alphabetical order.
Wife of the banker
'Shirley's' Partner that does hypnotizing
Used to be The man with many disguise's neighbor
Head of human resources at the Heimlich Hospital.
Man with grey hair on the island
The mother of the one who gives an orphan a whisk
Built a self-sustaining hot air mobile home
The hook-handed man's real name
Mother Baudelaire
Has 6 hour violin recitals
Orphan Inventor
The Hunchback
Grandfather of the Snicket Family
Gives one of the orphans a whisk as a gift
Father of the Snicket Family

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