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The protagonist: One Punch Man himself.
S-Class Hero Rank 1
S-Class Hero Rank 2
S-Class Hero Rank 3
S-Class Hero Rank 4
S-Class Hero Rank 5
S-Class Hero Rank 6
S-Class Hero Rank 7
S-Class Hero Rank 8
S-Class Hero Rank 9
S-Class Hero Rank 10
S-Class Hero Rank 11
S-Class Hero Rank 12
S-Class Hero Rank 13
S-Class Hero Rank 14
S-Class Hero Rank 15
S-Class Hero Rank 16
S-Class Hero Rank 17
A-Class Hero Rank 1
B-Class Hero Rank 1
C-Class Hero Rank 1
Minister Officer of Justice of the Hero Association
Founder of the Hero Association
First mysterious being in the series
First mysterious being defeated by Saitama
The Brain and Brawn Brothers: The Brawn
The Brain and Brawn Brothers: The Brain
King of the Subterranean people
King of the sea folk
King of the skyfolk
The 'monster of the ghost town'. Seaweed hair monster
The Organization's First Robot.
The head of the Paradise Group
The creator of the House of Evolution
The House of Evolution Monster Rank 1
The House of Evolution Monster Rank 2
The House of Evolution Monster Rank 3
The House of Evolution Mosquito
The House of Evolution Mantis
The House of Evolution Mole
The House of Evolution Frog
The House of Evolution Slug
Dominator of the universe
The 'Strongest Psychic in the universe'
One of the Dark Matter Thieves top fighters.
One of the Dark Matter Thieves top fighters.
The Perfect Monster: Bang's former disciple
The Fastest Ninja
The Great Prophet
The Doctor of Justice: Genos's creator
Bang's best disciple
Bang's older brother
Monsters Association's Leader
Monsters Association: Dog Monster
Monsters Association: Ugliest Member
Monsters Association: God's Chosen One
Monsters Association: Most Powerful Water
Monsters Association: Sperm Monster

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