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Can you name the F1 Team Radios

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This is silly, Seb, come on...
What the hell happened on the start... Unbelievable...
But satisfaction...
What the hell is he doing? He just pushed me off the circuit!
Multifunction Strategy A, now please
This is unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable! FIA! Unacceptable!
You've done it in style, fantastic! You're the 4-times World Champion!
He's moving across on me on the straight, wheel banging! Guys, come on!
The wheel is loose!
That f*cking idiot... I wanna hit him, when I see him!
Please, just let me drive, man!
When are you gonna call me in, these tires are sh*t!
QuoteRaceSaid by
Traffic ahead, Chilton, Bianchi. Remember, Senna 88.
Car is broken, front inside wheel in the air.
He pushed me completely off track!
What happened with that Mercedes?
What?! For what?!
Ok, Mark, overtake the cars ahead, overtake all the cars, go passed the safety car.
Unbelievable, he pushed me off the track!
Stop the car, switch off, get out quickly.
Ok, I lost drive, lost drive, lost the gearbox.
Kimi, get out of the f*cking way!
May have front wing damage, may have front wing damage, idiot in the Lotus!
Let me quote... 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... I know what I'm doing!'

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