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'Quiet! They're gonna show the bats eating a cow.'Gaz
'Me and the squirrel are friends.'GIR
'You've been assigned to Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people, thank you.'Tallest Red
'Aww, your little robot boy's broken...'GIR
'When I grow up, I'm gonna be an astronaut!'Melvin
'But I haven't been eating corn...'Dib
'These got peanuts and soap in 'em!'GIR
'You're gonna love the circus!'Keef
'We really should have sent him to a sun or a planet of broken glass or something.'Tallest Purple
'You're not a freak! You're just STUPID!'Dib
'Our snacks! IT'S OVER! RETREAT! RETREAT!'Tallest Red
'Humans don't HAVE arm-control nerves.'Dib
'Hey... these are real candy canes!'Dib
'Ahh... an information center... excellent.'GIR
'But I'm NOT human! See? Not human! Only a brilliant disguise!'Zim
'You do know I'm going to have to destroy you now.'Gaz
'My squeedlyspooch!'Zim
'Look! It's my favorite show!'GIR
'This has nothing to do with JELLY!'Zim

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