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a burial chamber
to go beyond limits set
feeling strong ill will; being mean and spiteful
yielding in thought, respectful regard for another's wishes
to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt
the act of causing someone to believe that something untrue is true
to tread heavily as to bruise or injure
to conquer, to gain ascendancy through strength or superiority
member of a chorus
expression of grief; weeping
extremely disgusting
holiness; respect for the divine
placed in or occupying a lower class or rank
relating to a citizen, a city or a citizenship
deeply afflicted, rejected, or distressed
a fundamental characteristic; essential nature
a state of lawlessness, , confusion, or disorder
off the right path or route
disrespectful action or speech against a deity
a state of deep distress or misery, caused by major misfortune or loss

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