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Main CharacterPretty Self Explanatory
Main Character's best friendRed Hair, Male, not a twin
Main Character's other best friendBrown Hair, Brainy
The Bad GuyNo Nose, Bald, Really Creepy
The Bad Guy's WarriorsMASKS
Main Character's Slytherin NemesisIN EVERY SINGLE BOOK!
A Sign On A Ship And A Necklace And A BookRemember Grindelwald, Durmstrang, Xenophilus Lovegood, And The Three Brothers
There Are Seven Of TheseWill Help Destroy The Bad Guy
Headmaster's BrotherLooks A Lot Like The Headmaster
New HeadmasterKilled The Former Headmaster
Place Where Main Character Finds His Parents GraveNot the church (The Name Of Where His House Was Destroyed)
Main Character See's His MemoriesIn Another Question
Main Character's School________ School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry
One Of Three Of These Main Character Owns This, Three Brothers
Second Item Of ThreeThe Bad Guy Is After This One, The Three Brothers
Third Item Of ThreeOn A Ring, The Three Brothers

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