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Can you name the Bleach Shikai

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ShinigamiShikaiSquad & Seat
Shunsui KyōrakuSquad 1 Captain
Suì-FēngSquad 2 Captain
Marechiyo ŌmaedaSquad 2 Lieutenant
Rōjūrō ŌtoribashiSquad 3 Captain
Izuru KiraSquad 3 Lieutenant
Rikū TogakushiSquad 3 Seat 3
Taketsuna GoriSquad 3 Seat 5
Asuka KatakuraSquad 3 Seat 6
Isane KotetsuSquad 4 Lieutenant
Hanatarō YamadaSquad 4 Seat 7
Shinji HirakoSquad 5 Captain
Momo HinamoriSquad 5 Lieutenant
Byakuya KuchikiSquad 6 Captain
Renji AbaraiSquad 6 Lieutenant
Sajin KomamuraSquad 7 Captain
Tatsufusa EnjōjiSquad 8 Seat 3
Kensei MugurumaSquad 9 Captain
Shuhei HisagiSquad 9 Lieutenant
Tōshirō HitsugayaSquad 10 Captain
Rangiku MatsumotoSquad 10 Lieutenant
Kenpachi ZarakiSquad 11 Captain
ShinigamiShikaiSquad & Seat
Yachiru KusajishiSquad 11 Lieutenant
Ikkaku MadarameSquad 11 Seat 3
Yumichika AyasegawaSquad 11 Seat 5
Mayuri KurotsuchiSquad 12 Captain
Jūshirō UkitakeSquad 13 Captain
Rukia KuchikiSquad 13 Lieutenant
Genryūsai Shigekuni YamamotoFormer Squad 1 Captain
Chōjirō Tadaoki SasakibeFormer Squad 1 Lieutenant
Gin IchimaruFormer Squad 3 Captain
Retsu UnohanaFormer Squad 4 Captain
Sōsuke AizenFormer Squad 5 Captain
Love AikawaFormer Squad 7 Captain
Jirōbō IkkanzakaFormer Squad 7 Seat 4
Lisa YadōmaruFormer Squad 8 Lieutenant
Kaname TōsenFormer Squad 9 Captain
Isshin ShibaFormer Squad 10 Captain
Kisuke UraharaFormer Squad 12 Captain
Hiyori SarugakiFormer Squad 12 Lieutenant
Kaien ShibaFormer Squad 13 Lieutenant
Zennosuke KurumadaniUnknown Squad/Seat
Ichigo KurosakiSubstitute Shinigami

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