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The power of jewelry
This show is Numbuh 1
Gotta Catch- there are how many now?!
What was wrong with their old looks
What's up doc
Not so Amazing
island, action, world tour, whats next
Women get to the safehouse
Yabba Dabba Doo
The opposite of the Flintstones
The day is saved
Never really made sense
You Meddling Kids!!
Human Lab Rat
Why not just keep Teen Titans?
Why call him cowardly he saves the day!
came from a movie called Garage Kids!?
What time is it?
How are they related
it was on for a year and they didn't age
Couldn't he just kill the kids?
The original was better
who can resist ninjas
couldn't think of a hint
two words: The Force
There when a kid needs help
It's as stupid as it looks
classic game of cat and mouse
Ninja GO!
forget scaredy cats
Wierdest camp ever
He's always the top feline
Three kids obsessed with quarters
Just a rip off of Mad TV
He'll eat anything
The title doesn't point to the point of the show
You're in
Why call it that
Who dreams up these guys
wouldn't the lyon eat the monkey
More like 10 million

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