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Can you name the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Missions?

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Mission TypeMissionObjective
Mar Sara MissionsDestroy the Dominion Outpost
Mar Sara MissionsSeize the first alien artifact
Mar Sara MissionsHold out until extraction
Ariel Hanson MissionsEvacuate 50 Colonists
Ariel Hanson MissionsInvestigate the Meinhoff Infestation
Ariel Hanson MissionsProtect the Haven colony (Alternative Mission)
Ariel Hanson MissionsPurify the Haven Colony (Alternative Mission)
Gabriel Tosh MissionsMine 6000 minerals (amount varies depending on difficulty level)
Gabriel Tosh MissionsSeize 7 terrazine canisters
Gabriel Tosh MissionsBreak open the New Folsom Prison & Tosh must survive (Alternative Mission)
Mission TypeMissionObjective
Gabriel Tosh MissionsDestroy jorium stockpile, terrazine tanks, and psionic waveform indoctrinator & Nova must survive (Alternative Mission)
Matt Horner MissionsIntercept Dominion trains
Matt Horner MissionsBuy mercenary contract before Orlan & Destroy Orlan's base
Matt Horner MissionsThe Odin must survive
Matt Horner MissionsCapture the UNN Studios
Matt Horner MissionsInvestigate the Dominion Lab (Secret Mission)
Artifact MissionsSecure the artifact
Artifact MissionsDestroy the Xel'naga temple door
Artifact MissionsEvacuate the Moebius Foundation
Artifact MissionsSeize the Xel'Naga Artifact
Mission TypeMissionObjective
Artifact MissionsRecover the Xel'Naga Artifact
Final MissionsInvade Char
Final MissionsPlant explosives to destroy the tunnels (Alternative Mission)
Final MissionsDestroy the coolant towers to destroy the platform (Alternative Mission)
Final MissionsProtect the Artifact
Prophecy MissionsGuide Zeratul to three xel'naga shrines & Zeratul must survive
Prophecy MissionsRescue the preservers
Prophecy MissionsConnect with one the tendrils of the Overmind & Zeratul must survive
Prophecy MissionsKill 1500 enemies (amount varies depending on difficulty)

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