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Location, Year Built, LengthWallBuilt By| to Defend Against
China, 5th century BCE, 8,851.8 kmChinese| Huns, Mongols
Between Athens and Piraeus, 5th century BCE, 10 kmAthenians| Persians, Spartans
Iran, 6th century BCE, 195 kmSassinid Persians| Hephthalites, Bactria
West Bank, 8000 BCE, 4 kmNeolithic Settlers| Other Neolithic people
Moscow, 12th century, 2 kmRussians| Tartars
Manila, 16th century, 16 kmSpanish| Philippine natives
Rome, 271, 19 kmRomans| assorted barbarians
Romania, 10th century, 126 kmByzantines| Kievan Rus, Bulgars
Israel, 11th century BCE, 4.5 kmJebusites| Israelites, various tribes
Location, Year Built, LengthWallBuilt By| to Defend Against
Croatia, 14th century, 7kmRepublic of Ragusa| Venice, Ottoman Empire
Coast of Europe, 1942, VariedNazis| Allies
Germany, 1961, 107 kmEast Germany| fleeing East Germans
Sweden, 13th century, 3.5 kmHanseatic League| Vikings
Ukraine, 2nd century BCE- 7th century CE, 1,000 kmSarmatians| Scythians
English-Scottish Border, 122 CE, 117 kmRomans| Picts
Turkey, 5th century, 56 kmByzantines| Huns, Slavs, Bulgars
Istanbul, 4th centruy, 2.8 kmByzantines| Avars, Arabs, Bulgars, Ottomans

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