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1995/Role-Playing/Super NintendoSpiky-haired boy, a geek, and an amphibian, among others travel through time
2003/Action/PCWorld War II shooter spawns highly-successful series
1987/Action/NESSimon Belmont vs. Dracula, Part 1 of many
1997/Survival Horror/PlayStationPoint-and-click game, avoiding a scissor-wielding murderer at all times
1995/Strategy/PCGDI and NOD battle for Tiberium
1996/Action/PlayStationMarsupial searches for his kidnapped girlfriend and collects gems
1995/Action/Sega GenesisComic book artist gets trapped in his own world
1988/Action/NESUp, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start
2000/Racing/DreamcastCab driver must drive at all costs to get money
2004/Action/PCMetroid clone goes cave-exploring. Best part is, it's free!
2006/Action RPG/Nintendo DSA boy named Terry explores a strange planet after his ship crashes
1990/Puzzle/Sega GenesisSega's answer to Tetris, just not as successful
1994/Fighter/Multiple ConsolesAn evil snowman, a piece of taffy, a blob, and more brawl it out
2001/Action/Nintendo 64Foul-mouthed squirrel just wants to get home
2008/Role-Playing/Sony PSPBlack-haired Cloud Strife gets his own game
2007/Action/PCAliens invade and wage war against US and Korea
1997/Adventure/PCGuybrush returns after a 5-year hiatus
2003/Action/PlayStation 2Like Devil May Cry, but slow and less interesting
2003/Role-Playing/PlayStation 2Card-based RPG about a book
1999/Shooter/ArcadeMidway shooter where you take on freaks and ghosts
1982/Action/Atari 2600The General is out to avoid Indians and get some action
1993/Action/Multiple ConsolesFormer 7-Up Mascot gets his own adventure
1996/Sports/Multiple ConsolesLike NBA Jam, just with NCAA teams and less popular
1988/Sports RPG/NESSoccer RPG based on Japanese Anime
2006/Miscellaneous/DSSurprisingly fun game that doesn't require the kitchen to enjoy it
2000/FPS/PCPut on a trenchcoat, and fight some conspiracies
2001/Action/PlayStation 2Son of legendary dark knight heads to island to fight demons
2003/Strategy RPG/PlayStation 2After 2 years of sleep, the Prince of Darkness must earn his Overlord title
1989/Role-Playing/NESThe first of many dragon & slime-slaying RPGs by Enix
1997/Action/PlayStationGame set in 3rd century China spawns multiple titles
1996/Fighting/ArcadeFighting game known mainly for its scantidly-clad women and a ninja
1990/Puzzle/NESNintendo's icon dons a white coat here
1988/Action/NESTwo brothers team up to take on the Black Warriors
1985/Shooter/NESIf you miss, the dog lets you know
1994/Action/Sega GenesisTreasure game where protagonist uses his head to win
1996/FPS/PCAliens and babes everywhere, come get some!
1994/Action/Super NintendoNintendo's iconic ape and a new friend adventure for bananas
2008/Action/Multiple ConsolesA crew must survive in an abandoned ship full of strange creatures
2009/Role-Playing/Multiple ConsolesMust restore peace with help from the Grey Wardens
2009/Rhythm/Multiple ConsolesLike Guitar Hero, just with a turntable and less fans
1998/Rhythm/ArcadeArcade game that convinced people that they could bust a move
1982/Action/ArcadeShovel through the game and battle dragons and balloons!
1980/Action/ArcadeBlast aliens into orbit in this old-school Atari classic
1983/Miscellaneous/ArcadeGuide Dirk through a fully-animated classic
1997/Racing/Nintendo 64Friend of Donkey Kong challenges evil pig to a race
1999/Action/PlayStationLike Resident Evil, but with dinosaurs and less interest
1996/Action RPG/PCNot even death can save you from this Blizzard hit's villain
2001/Action RPG/PlayStation 2Voiceless hero and five friends must help restore cities in this dungeon crawler
1993/FPS/PCMarines travel on Martian moon to battle demons
1996/Action/Multiple ConsolesRe-live the Bruce Willis classics in game form

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