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Can you name the Earth Defense Force 2025 Enemies?

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First Enemy Encountered. An insect
Tougher more aggressive version of above enemy.
Mothers to the above. Usually winged
Small flying insect. Shoots spikes
Not an insect, but stil a bug. Bounces around
Giant version of above
Similar to the last two, but has unique ability to pull soldiers in and reel them as if fishing.
Mythical fire breathing creature with wings
Giant version of above
Small flying robots that shoot lasers and often crash into objects or each other.
Colored version of above that is much faster and tougher.
Similar to the above two, but is slow and triangular in shape. Often shoots and runs away.
Creates force fields.
Bipedal Robots
Colored version of above
Version that uses something to block attacks.
Enemy with multiple long legs that shoot lasers and stretch to pierce/stab soldiers.
Bigger version of above
Contains and drops enemies
Larger version of above
Massive Battleship that can transform into a 'mech' mode.
Giant 4 legged walking robot that shoots lasers and drops enemies. Looks almost like an AT-AT
UFO/Ball looking ship
Huge metal plates that cover the sky, shoot lasers, and drop enemies
The final boss who controls all of the ravagers. Hint: What body part controls the rest?

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