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Can you name the following video games I describe?

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Revolves around the underground war of Templars vs Assassins
Made popular on the DS, this game tests your brain's abilities and scores you.
A war game which has featured everything from WWII to a futuristic modern war.
It involves a naked gorilla wearing a tie.
One of the earliest MMOs which takes place in the world of Norrath
You are a lone person exploring a post-apocalypic world in the late 23rd century.
You kill people, steal cars, get stars, and generally cause trouble in a large city.
A popular Xbox FPS which featured the war between the Covenant and Humanity
Kid ___ - A series of games where control an angel called Pit.
A popular Wii game where you use your Wii Remote to show off your dance moves.
You are the ISA, you are tasked with killing the enemy Helghast.
Guide your sackboy/girl throughout various platforming levels, and make your own.
Finish Him! Johnny Cage wins... FATALITY!
A racing game where nitrous is your best friend, and racing super cars is your cause.
Follow the adventures of the sun-god... wolf creature Amaterasu
Gotta Catch 'em All! ALL 646 of them!
Four of these games have come out... but they barely are related.
The first music game to incorporate Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals all at once.
A purple dragon with a yeti, penguin, kangaroo, and a cheetah as examples of his friends.
A classic game... where your only goal is to create rows, and not build too high
Treasure hunting with Nathan Drake has never been... Oh crap, more bad guys.
Your red thin crazy hero goes crazy in Movieland
The Wii's best seller... maybe because it was packed in with all the Wiis?
Extraterrestrials invade. You have to figure out why, and how to beat them.
A green dino on a platforming adventure... on an island.
Live up your lifelong dream of creating, maintaining, then causing havoc... in your own Zoo.

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