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Can you name the following terms that may/will be on the COM100 midterm at Oswego?

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The 6 Components of Communication
Location of communication 
Includes their past experiences, demographics etc.. 
Encoding & Decoding 
Means by which the message is transmitted 
Anything that obstructs encoding and decoding 
Affirmation that you have arrived at Shared meaning 
Approaches of studying Communication
aka Behaviorists, these people work with hypotheses, data collection & analysis, and use generalizable results 
aka Humanists, these people use more qualitiative results and focus on how reality is constructed through communication 
These people aim to change society through an understanding of the powers and forces influencing Communication. Also use textual analysis & observations. 
These people focus on subjectivity and interrelation of Power & Truth. They typically use observations. 
7 Functions of Language
Using language to get you things 
Allows you to control others' behavior 
Used to Teach or Share knowledge 
Used in gaining Information and Understanding 
Helps to start and maintain Relationships 
Using language to express Yourself 
Using language to express Creativity 
4 Components of Language
Hearing the sounds of language 
Sentence formation/Word Order 
The words you choose/study of meaning 
How language is used to accomplish goals 
6 codes/types of Nonverbal Communications
Involves the body's nonverbal messages, including expressions, posture, gestures etc... 
Involves the voice, in the sense of the tone, pitch, volume, rate of oral speech. It does not involve WHAT is being said. 
Study of how people use time as a message 
Involves space and proximity from each other as a message. 
Involves touch and its communicative function 
Involves 'sight,' in other words, the appearance of others in communication. 
5 functions of nonverbal messages
Behaviors to help clarify verbal messages and reveal attitudes and moods 
Managing 'turn-taking' in communication (raising hand) 
A highly studied function of nonverbal communication, it involves studying how much intimacy one feels towards another. 
Exercising influence over others. (Glaring to show annoyance/tell them to be quiet) 
Touch purely as a part of the service that is being administered. 
4 factors influencing interpretation of Nonverbal Communication
4 stages of listening
What do ethical listeners do?
Social Identity Categories/Characteristics
Models of Human Communication
____ is the art of persuasion
____ is the mechanics of public speaking.
____ is a belief system that represents a particular worldview
A ____ is a set of statements that explains a particular phenomenon.
A ____ is a specific way scholars collect and analyze data, which support or disprove a theory.
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