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Can you name Fairy Tail characters with vague clues?

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Grew up in the Tower Of Heaven
Wasn't actually real
Has a face tattoo
Also has a face tattoo
Is a background character in Fairy Tail
Uses a form of sky magic
Uses takeover magic
She's the team (and guild) mom
The only guild he sees, is being kicked out
Got smacked into another dimension
Wears a bunny hat
Is Lucy's 'strongest' spirit
got killed by Zeref
Likes to destroy things
Uses water magic
likes piggyback rides
Memory can't save you from this one
constantly has intruders
looks like a fox
possessed a Celestial spirit
'Your clothes *Name*'
the only guild she saw was being kicked out
Had an imaginary friend
wants to be a frog
is Cana's drinking buddy
he uses sand magic
is the daughter of the ex-master of Sabertooth
is Happy's dad
is a Titan
is definatly Emo
taught Lucy how use a spell
gets flustered by Virgo in a bikini
queen of Extalia
is a definite Tsundere
Passes some keys down to Lucy
Mislead Erza during the battle of Fairy Tail arc.
fills your life with woolly goodness
is Happy's mom
would get along fine with Elfman
Is the youngest of the trimen
hits on Lucy.. alot
made Freed cry
looks like he's made of rubber
is made of water
killed a guy and became guild master
has a sister she doesn't know is alive
he isn't a normal cat
is a female version of her Edolas counterpart
is really gay for Laxus

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