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Can you name the words that contain the same letter 3 times?

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HintAnswerThe letter that occurs 3 times
A solution or remedy for all diseases and difficulties (7 letters)A
A loud mixture of sound and voices (6 letters)B
A person who helps another person to commit a crime (10 letters)C
Father (5 letters)D
A sharp-pointed duelling sword (4 letters)E
Being soft, light and airy (6 letters)F
Large spectacles (6 letters)G
Travel by getting free rides (9 letters)H
Impossible to defeat or overcome (10 letters)I
A sudden forceful recoil (8 letters)K
A temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity (4 letters)L
The cation NH4+ (8 letters)M
HintAnswerThe letter that occurs 3 times
A person employed to look after children (5 letters)N
A rounded convex moulding (5 letters)O
A part of the brain that is involved in forming, storing, and processing memory (11 letters)P
A mistake (5 letters)R
Lively, bold, and full of spirit (5 letters)S
Worn and shabby; in poor condition (5 letters)T
A system of complementary medicine that involves fine needles (11 letters)U
Producing young by means of eggs which are hatched within the body of the parent (13 letters)V
A sudden violent gust of cold land air (8 letters)W
The condition of having more than the normal number of fingers or toe (11 letters)Y
(informal) A whizzing or buzzing sound (4 letters)Z

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