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Which Australian territorial capital city, destroyed by a cyclone in 1974, is a starting point for travelers on their way to Kakadu National Park?
Panaji, known for its Portuguese architecture, is the capital of an Indian state located on the Arabian Sea. Name this state, India’s smallest in area.
What landlocked country, home to the great bend of the Niger River, is one of Africa’s leading cotton exporters?
W. J. van Blommestein Meer is a large reservoir on a South American river that shares its name with the country where it is located. Name this country.
Which Russian exclave was formerly a part of Germany?
The Kingdom Centre, which includes an enclosed walkway nearly 1,000 feet above the ground, is the tallest building in which Saudi Arabian city?
Lake Chad has shrunk to a smaller size in recent years due to drought and water diversion. In the 1960s, the northwestern shoreline of the lake was located in what country?

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