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The River that runs through Gondor and RhovanionA
Name of Frodo's UncleB
A breakaway realm of the Dúnedain Kindom of ArnorC
The Steward of Gondor (father of Boromir)D
The Niece of TheodenE
Treebeard the Ent was also referred to by this nameF
Where the final battle took place in the third movie: The Battle of _____G
Rohirric name for a Hobbit H
Quote of Legolas: 'They're taking the hobbits to _______!'I
The author of this trilogy (Initials are fine)J
The dwarvish name given to the river which runs through LothlórienK
A reigon of fieldform in Southern GondorL
A city of Gondor originally known as 'Minas Anor'M
Another name given to the black riders (could be referred to as a race)N
Legolas' GrandfatherO
Best Friend of MerryP
Common name of Ent (not Treebeard)Q
Theoden is the King of this land: King of _____R
The name the men give to the River that runs through LothlórienS
Father of LegolasT
A great Haven to the far south of GondorU
The undying lands across the seaV
The Chief of the Nazgûl and Sauron's greatest CaptainW
The Name which Gollum/Smeagol gives for the sunY
The Dwarvish Name given to the mountain peak SilvertineZ

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