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QUIZ: Can you name the all ocarina of time songs names?

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HintAnswerzelda songs
'A lullaby passed down by the royal family'
'this is how to get your horse'
'wow that lost woods song is pretty catchy! i wonder who is playing it in the forest'
'sun goes up, sun goes down'
'i wonder how to open this huge door in the temple of time'
'wow what a ferocious storm out there'
'oh hi sheik, its you again how did you even get to the forest that quick'
'wait another song? well hurry up sheik, its getting hot in here'
'sheik, couldn't you have just given me this song as soon as i became an adult and not after the forest temple?'
'sheik could you hurry up with the new song already? its freezing in here'
'well were is sheik now with that new song?...... WOAH sheik don't scare me like that!'
'the dark shadows cover the death mountain trail'

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