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DescriptionName of Person/Item
Province outside of Ordona Village
Amount of Money found in House
Youth (Older Boy who Teases)
Usurper King
Item Used by a Youth to Chase an Animal
Horse of Protagonist
Console where Game is Played
Youth (Younger Boy who Teases)
Item needed to be hit by Hawk to get Bait
Imp/Princess of Twilight
Youth (Young Boy who Idolizes Link)
Item needed to get Bait with
DescriptionName of Person/Item
Animal being Lost
Final Boss
Princess of Hyrule
Job Needed to do Before going to Hyrule
Friend of Protagonist since Youth
Animal Being Chased by a Youth
Homeland of Protagonist
Animal Called by Protagonist using Leaves
Animal needed to Lead back Lost Animal to Owner
People who were Lost in the Woods
Protagonist's Animal Form
Items needed to Jump over using Horse
Main Protagonist

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