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What was Andrew Jackson's nickname?
What was the presidential term for AJ?
AJ was the _th president?
AJ used this presidential power more that anyone?
This act passed by AJ led to the trail of tears?
What was the name of AJ'S vice president who was blamed for the Panic of 1837?
AJ founded this party?
Name of AJ'S wife?
Name of the group of AJ listened to for advise?
AJ fired his 1st cabinet because of this?
AJ created this to clean house?
Name of the battle that made AJ a war hero?
This party was formed by Henry Clay?
How many times did Clay run for president?
Clay made a deal with Adams called the?
Clay was the sec. of _ under Adams?
Henry Clay got this project vetoed by AJ?
Henry Clay was called the?
The Whig Party supported what of Clay's
The Whig Party died in what year?

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